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Just a simple guy who enjoys anime. Here's a lil something bout me and yes I did jack this from someone and thank you. (u know who u r lol)

When did you start your anime fandom? Well, I have been watching anime since i was like 5, but i didn't start collecting and getting deep into it until 2 years ago.

Don't you like Manga? I do, but I prefer 2 watch than read.

Speaking of Manga, what else do you read? I like ninja, samurai, or sports manga and I'm currently reading O-Parts Hunter.

~Favorite Authors:  Elie Wiesel and Khaled Hosseini, and anything thing else that piques my interest

Currently Reading: O-Parts Hunter vol. 1 by Seishi Kishimoto

Last Finished Reading: Nothing yet

School: I am currently attending Georgia Southwestern University, I'm in my Sophmore year, majoring in Computer Science so i can enter into the gaming industry as a programmer (Xbox or Square Enix holla at me), and trying 2 get an anime club chartered on campus along with some of my buds.

I am busy a lot with class so if I am not on a lot or haven't watched a lot of anime that is probably why. So no worries, I will talk again soon.

Previous Class: A whole bunch of pointless bull....jk (4 some). Grade: 3.6 GPA

Current Class: world civ, world lit, intro to sociology, intro to programming2, and assembly language programming.

Do you have any Hobbies? Yep. I have a few:

Favorite Food: Fruit, Asian cuisine, fast food, and mexican.

Favorite Drinks: Green Tea, Red Bull, Vitamin Water, Water, most Juices, Sierra mist, arizona teas, and Brisk.....Oh and the spirits ;). If u get that, we should party sometimes lol

Stuff I do on the Computer: Watch Anime, Browse Anime-planet, Youtube, Facebook, Yahoo Mail, Google, watching my tv shows.

Non-Anime shows I watch: Jersey Shore, Viva la Bam, Big Bang Theory, Skins, Justified, True Life, Life of Jenks, King of the Hill, ATHF, and anything else that is good that still comes on. 

Favorite Music: I like a little bit of everything but sometimes I prefer one genre over the others.

Music/Bands/Singers I seem to be concetrated on:

My Dropped Policy: Truly horrible or just wasn't focused on it at the moment because overshadowed by truly awesome anime. 

Did you say that you watch your shows during specific times? Not really. Never a bad time 4 watching anime

Do you make AMV's? Naw, but may consider.

Can I steal your introduction? Sure, I borrwed it from the originator.

Random Tidbits:

Wish i could be a Samurai

Want 2 learn a variety of the martial arts

 After I have my degree and everything here is at a close, I plan 2 learn Japanese and move close to the Akibara District in Tokyo. Otaku 4 life!!!!!

Warning: I don't talk a lot, so it's hard for me to keep a conversation and such. I apologize ahead of time.

Life on anime

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Anime ratings

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86 total

Life on manga

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Manga ratings

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4 total

I adore these characters


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HikaruTenshi Oct 9, 2010

Thanks. I don't think I have that great of a list. I watch a lot of random stuff and A LOT of short stuff because that's usually all I have time for when I am super busy. ^_^

Plus I like A LOT.. like.. most people are more critical in what they give ratings to... but I like a lot.. I am not too picky. ^_^

You have a nice list yourself. ^_^


HikaruTenshi Oct 6, 2010

Ah very cool.

I always tell myself I am going to watch my stalled list to make it shorter... and I never end up making it shorter.. it just gets longer. x.x


HikaruTenshi Oct 4, 2010

Nice profile you have there. It's very awesome. ^_~

I am into really anything at the moment... sorry.. didn't know you replied on your own profile. I do want to start and finish the Summer Season of anime on my want to watch list.. and I definitely want to start the fall season. Bakuman and The World God Only knows FTW!

What about you?

Thanks for adding me. ^^


knightmare09 Jun 29, 2010

so what do you think of soul eater so far

SaintLoco22 Oct 1, 2009

Oh that's cool too. So what anime u into right now?