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Anime/Manga Characters Dream Team! (Spoilers)

25 AUG

This list is about as personal as it gets. I am blogging my Dream Team of Anime characters! For this list, I will keep the characters to a single genre, so 1 "Mastermind" character, 1 "Yandere" character, 1 School Student, etc....

I watch/read a good mix of anime/manga, so you may see some surprises on this list, as well as some obvious picks.

This will also be in no particular order, this list consists of my favourite characters from every series I've seen, it's impossible to grade them all!

Unlike my last list, which had some spoilers, this one will contain a lot of spoilers. You've been warned.

Here it is, my Character's Dream Team!

5. The Mythical Creature: Sesshomaru- Inuyasha

I had to include a mythical creature on this list somewhere. Sesshomaru is the most powerful demon to currently exist, being only surpassed by his father. Although not the main character, his character possibly develops the most among any others in Inuyasha.

I've seen people rip on Inuyasha before for having no character development. I'll start by asking myself: "what series were they watching?" Sesshomaru appears as this rage filled, power hungary character at the beginning, but is forced to develop a sensitive side if he wants to become more powerful. Throughout it all, he maintains his powerful stance and sense of stoic calm. He makes several relationships that thankfully distract from his annoying sidekick Jaken. These relations include that of a family man, he develops a father-daughter relationship with a young human girl named Rin, and shows feelings for a woman whom I will keep secret for those who have yet to see this series.

These developments so related to that of which his father, the only demon to surpass him, also experienced. It was with these evolutions that he finally reached his goal. He had already surpassed his father physically, but now, he had done so mentally. You truly cannot become the greatest with strength alone.

4. The God Among Gods: Kyon- Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

You would think that Haruhi Suzumiya would be the go-to character from this show, which bares her name. Sorry everyone, Kyon is the winner here. Before you read the next paragraphs, i'd like to remind you about that spoiler alert.

When you first watch the anime, read the manga, or light novels, pay attention to Kyon's monologue and the outcome of the first story arc. This character is easily the most interesting of any that I have chosen, and therefore the most fascinating. There is just so much to uncover about him.

Even up until now, we know almost nothing about him, not even his name (Kyon is a nickname), is he even Japanese? Why would he choose an english Pseudonym (John Smith)? Why does no one find that strange? Does that mean he looks like a "John Smith?" Why is he specifically drawn so noticeably different? So many more questions than answers. I love it.

He has no special abilities, he's just a human (aparently). His friends include: a God who is unaware of her powers (Haruhi), an Alien equivalent of the Terminator (Yuki), a ditsy Time Traveler (Asahina), and a cheerful Esper (Koizumi). He is the only one who knows the whole picture though, he is the main character, and the story is told from his perspective.

Believe it or not, he may be the most powerful character from the series, since he can influence the ultimate God of time and space (the only being that can do so aparently). Technically, that makes him the most powerful character.

He may be one heck of an adventurer, but he is no mastermind, unlike my next selection.

3. The Mastermind: L- Deathnote

How could I not pick L? He is the #1 most loved character on this site, so this should be no shock to anyone here. But what do I say about him? It has all already been said!

Even among the other characters here, L stands out. His powers of deduction and ridiculously high reasoning abilities make him the star of the anime world. His rivalry with Kira in the Deathnote series is possibly one of the greatest duels in anime/manga history. There truly is no other character so unique, so intriuging, and so calm.

Really, who wouldn't want to meet L?

2. The Lovable Loser: Mousse- Ranma 1/2

I have a soft spot for underdogs. I wrote in my last blog that Ranma Saotome really likes to beat up on Mousse. I wasn't lying. The show is called Ranma 1/2, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Ranma gets so much attention. I'd like to say that Rumiko Takahashi may have done too good of a job, because everyone seems to love Ranma's rivals more than him!

Mousse is lovesick, and has travelled from China to Japan to stop the eloping of his love, Shampoo, to Ranma. Remember when I said I thought Ranma was annoying? Well listen to this: Ranma hates Shampoo. With Mousse, however, he has the perfect opportunity to get her out of his hair, and really help out a great guy. Instead, Ranma uses Mousse's emotions against him, just to beat him up. Ranma has too much pride to allow Mousse to get a one up, even if it's for the good of everyone. There is a reason vanity is one of the seven deadly sins.

I want to give Mousse a hug more than anything, the guy is so bad ass, so strong, so cool, but always gets the wrong end of everything because no one wants him to win. It's him against the world. Despite this, he does win a few times. Take that into account for a moment. No one is willing to help him, if anything they only harm him, but he still puts up a fight, and even wins. He is almost inspirational for never losing hope and never giving up.

My Dream Team couldn't go on without his cloak of hidden weapons!

P.S To give you even better an idea how special this character is: He is the only character that I perfected a cosplay outfit for. The rest I couldn't care too much about.

1. The Bad-Ass: Xerxes Break- Pandora Hearts

Xerxes Break is the ultimate. He more powerful than Sesshomaru, more mysterious than Kyon, more Stealthly and cool than L, and more lovable than Mousse. He is a great leader and on top of being all of these, he is also physically disabled due to his fighting habits. Despite his disability, he is still the most powerful character in Pandora Hearts.

What is it about characters with 1 red eye, long white hair, a hat, and a kick ass mystical power? Oh wait, everything I just said is what's so awesome, and most of that only concerns how he looks! Even his name is cool: two X's (the coolest letter in English) and the word Break? Indeed, Jun Mochizuki clearly had this word in mind when creating Xerxes Break: Epic.

But one word is not good enough.

Stoic, Relentless, Brave, Heart-Filled, Motivational, Dark, Mysterious, Spectacular, Intriuging, none of these words come close to perfectly describing this character.

In fact, I do not think there is a sentence one could create in English that could properly do him justice.

He is funny, comedic, and entertaining when he needs to be, and a bad ass leader when he needs to be. He sounds like the perfect friend if you ask me. There is not much I can say about him that I dislike, in fact, I can't think of anything. He is the biggest reason that Pandora Hearts has become one of my favourite Manga's ever, and if you haven't read it (Manga first, Anime second), you're missing out.


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