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Hi everyone,

Got introduced to anime at a very young age (Pokemon and DBZ etc), but it wasn't until my friend showed me Naruto and Bleach that I finally realised what I was watching was classed as 'anime', not just 'cartoons'.

Ever since being shown Bleach and Naruto I've been hooked on them, and have branched out to view various genres, styles, and lengths of anime as my list probably dictates.

Anyway, there's plenty more to watch so I guess I better get started.


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DragonDaii says...

I recommend you the  7 th deadly sins bro you will like it, also d gray man and pokemon generations (such great anime but sadly very short)

Sep 23, 2016
DragonDaii says...

Watch one punch man, you will like it bro

Dec 22, 2015
DragonDaii says...

I see you dislike some characters i like jajajaja XD

Apr 2, 2015
DragonDaii says...

I am back man jajaja, just found my password, greetings XD

Apr 1, 2015
hieigodsend says...

That's really a good news. My congratulations in advance. :)

Aug 11, 2011