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Once again I find myself re-writing this introduction. Each time it happens I find myself even further up on the Otaku-ladder with my preferences changed. This time I seem to prefer darker shoujo, even if I fear I've already seen the very best in Revolutionary Girl Utena, Rose of Versailles and Oniisama E. Other than that I'm always up for something artsy or mindfuck-ish but use lighthearted fluff in-between to create something I can fall back on.

I'm a 17 year old boy from Sweden who loves his anime but also movies, music, books, spending time with friends, traveling and studying Japanese (Still a beginner but making progress). I guess the anime part is the only relevant thing over here though. Basically I feel like nothing I'll ever see will be able to top my favourite show (Revolutionary Girl Utena) but I still spend lots of time searching for anything that might; if you have any recommendations feel free to bring them on! I sometimes watch things just because they're obscure as hell and hard to find... that's it for me I guess. I love discussing anime though, as well as talking to random people so write a comment if you feel like it!

Random anime that mean something to me and why:

Revolutionary Girl Utena:

This one doesn't have any significance to me other than "It's everything I could ever want from an anime". The symbolism makes for great re-watch value; the characterization is subtle and absolutely mindblowing; the music is amazing, animation beautiful and the entire thing is just bizarre enough to completely sweep me off my feet.

Wandering Son:

I don't identify as transgendered, but nonetheless, it makes me happy just thinking about this show. It tackles the topic head-on whilst using the situation of the main character not for humour nor as an insignificant plot device but simply to tell an amazing story. A lof of transgendered characters in fiction (as well as LBGT in general) tend to be more or less offensive, or at least unappealing in one way or another. This is not the case here and I love it.

Spirited Away:

Nostalgia. I watched this with my friends when I was 7 and re-discovered it at age 15. Without Spirited Away I wouldn't be an anime fan today. I kind of feel like I'm giving it too much credit but I just can't find any reason not to love it!

Princess Mononoke:

Environmental movies... those words combined send chills down my spine. Why? Because they're generally made by people with a "nature is awesome humanity sucks" mentality who refuse to be openminded for even a second. Princess Mononoke though remains completely unbiased and emphasizes virtues and flaws of humanity and nature alike. That alone is praiseworthy in my eyes. But it's also beautifully animated and magnificently told. If an attempt was made to objecitvely decide which Ghibli movie is the best (which of course is impossible) I still feel like this one would win.


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Naga avatar Naga


Nov 12, 2012

Yeah, but this is only my pick on foreshadowing (I misused 'theory', but it is one in a way)... or it could be called symbolism, but not likely. Theories are something completely different... and I really don't want to drag you there... it would get too essay-ish. But hey, now you know :D

There is much more but I'll keep silent. If you ever wonder about something, just remember that there is walking Evapedia around here :3

I recently finished Haibane Remnei... it was really great. Gave it a 4.5 and ordered complete series, yes that good. Love to add stuff to my all times favourite list.

NorthPole avatar NorthPole


Oct 30, 2012

Anime-Planet Secret Santa 2012

All are welcome to join! Click the above link for more details! Spread the word ^__^

Naga avatar Naga


Oct 26, 2012

It’s nothing special really; maybe I went a little overboard… :3

Either way… Gendo puts some effort to save her from entry-plug, his glasses break in process, and Rei takes them.

 I don’t know how familiar you are with in depth Rei character so I’ll just throw is at facts. Glasses represent Rei, her personality/role/ and a lot more but overall her character. Glass, as is Rei are useful tools with set purpose in Gendos possession, both of them easily replaceable – you can notice that from her POV when she always claims that she is replicable, and there are always spares, which is tragically true. Glasses are broken, and so is Rei – she is barely a human, her life span is modified, she lives up only for her use (glasses), no parents only manufacturer (glasses), no real purpose but to serve, or in her words: I do it because I have nothing else (glasses). She really is one of most tragic characters because of that, not to mention that by realizing that you know that she managed to relate to glasses, has a clear vision of her situation and that she’s willingly copping with all of it - gives you a quite of foreshadowing, inner depth and marvelous characterization, and enormous sense of empathy.

 Later on in the apartment scene when Shinji stumbles upon them and takes them, she responds with aggression, which is completely ooc for her – but it’s not. Either she did that because of her fondness and possessiveness of the object or fact that it belongs to Gendo is debatable – though I go with both.

 Further through the whole development (dear Haruhi thank you, and Shinji who is responsible for it) she manages to create a more stable/brighter image of herself and refuse to be called a simple doll, either because she founds her situation more delicate or because she’s in denial (hardly) -  Scene where she cleans the glasses. :3

 Which leads to probably one of my favorite scenes in whole anime (maybe even in general) scene when Rei breaks the glasses, betrays Gendo, and transforms into god-like (essay material) thingy. – I write a long list of things what breaking the glasses represent, though I guess you get the picture, even though the meaning is plot wise it brings a lot more to the whole content. All in all, she decides to take shit in her own hands, speak her mind and do what SHE wants… made me raise my ‘row row fight the powah’ fist to salute the epicenes of that development.

 It could be an ass-pull… heheh… or it could actually make sense… you decide…

And don’t get me started on Shinjis STAD (we debate this to this day, Rebuild spiced up things to excess) or Asukas doll, Misatos cross… that would just be pain in the ass… with this POV anyone could figure it out quite easily. 

Naga avatar Naga


Oct 23, 2012

Well I guess you are right... 

You got me wrong. Shock effect is not value or quality inications. It's simply a captivation tool... it's as you said niether good or bad. But it can be really good, especially for Madoka who doesn't offer too much in first 3 or 2 episodes, and it really was when it happened, it's just that some other shows do it better. And yes, general revlations are almost always better...

There is a lot more to every charachter who gets basic background, it was mistake on my part. I do afree that they develop a lot, Madoka a lot more since she and H are probably the only ones with psychological development. Still, it doesn't change the fact that Madoka's cast is still ... bleh.

Only that... oh god. I'm so jelous. If you were in 300 hours of mental war about triad theory, fork theory, new bible theory, and shit load of existential/spiritual talks that went on to this day... Since the first 3 layers of Evangelion are damn obvious to everyone... or at least few people... some of us lunatics take things really seriously... But ofc, the only answer you need is very simple.

And let me give you an example of our 'discussions'... tell me what you think about Rei and Gendo's glases (if you remember that scene), and then I will tell you what I think about that scene :3

Naga avatar Naga


Oct 20, 2012

Oh, I'm always for a good discussions, and ofc, Lain is definitely one of the stronger titles out there.

I agree that Madoka never really showed off with it's shock effect, though it placed some hight hopes in it. Most of people digg into it just for that, because not much gets you going in first 3 episodes. Frankly it wouldn't even be that entertaining if it wasn't for shoch effect, which was IMO not so good. It served it's purpose as a cliff-hanger and tool of captivation, which I can respect. It would be easier if you watched Bokurano - in which the shoch effect is done in a way that it flips the whole anime in diferent direction (as in Madoka) but makes such a srong impact that is reflected through the rest of the show, not to mention the damage it does. 

As for logic, there wasn't any Mahou who didn't ask for godhood, I felt a bit suprised. The whole whishing system was in my opinion too far-fetched. Since I don't quite remember that part of whish's impact on future... but seriously? It made sense all right... it presented a whole new psychology in anime but did it quite poorly and concluded early but never stopped to reapeat itself. In the end each charachter followed one simple trait without any development from their original standings, the whole point was prolonging the inevitable. Did I mention the charachters and lack of charachterization, I think I did... contibutes a whole lot to logic flaws since their background and motivations were quite good, but their reasonings with each otehr was completely off... to think that everything could be avoided if one simply said "your logic makes sense..." 

Ah Evangelion, it's stronger point is definitely psychology, hands down. The philosophy was quite scattered across the whole anime. It's hard to cope with all of it since it's really well hidden, who knows, maybe you missed something :3 With Eva, it's entierly possible... And yes, I am also an Asukafag... but I really liked the other two.

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