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Yaoi seems to go hand in hand with forced sexual activity which is one of the main reasons I could never find any enjoyment in it. At first glance this OVA seemed somewhat different and almost kind of entertaining in a "This is beyond cheesy and silly" kind of way; I was wrong.

The story revolves around a relationship that forms between the typical shy kid and the much more dominant and masculine "heartthrob". It would be foolish to expect any particularly interesting characterization in a title from this genre, but even with that in mind there's no denying that this was worse than the low standard. All of the characters act in very unnatural ways and are equipped with personalities comprised of one or a few exaggerated traits at most. The shy kid is shy, the protective kid is protective and the comic relief kid is... not very comically relieving. At least there's one pattern-breaker, for better or for worse.

The animation is mediocre as is probably expected, with minimal movement, decent level of detail and a strong focus on facial expressions. Musically, though, it's a very repetitive and obnoxious formula with the same melodies repeated over and over again as well as... unsettling sound effects including plenty of disturbing slurps.

All in all, despite the horrible writing this could have been a stupid but kind of sweet and enjoyable tale of romance if it weren't for one thing; the show descends into a pit of molestation obviously meant to arouse the viewer. It starts out as an attempt to amuse the audience but quickly ends up working both as a poor plot device constructed to create a need of protection for the "adowwably helpless blushing boy" as well as a source of excitement which is more or less unsettling. I guess it boils down to "If you don't like it then don't watch it" material and viewers who like to substitute pornography with non-pornography might find themselves enjoying this. If you want to treat it as a regular anime that just so happened to develop homoerotic ambitions and judge it based on storytelling, characterization etc. it won't really do anything for you.

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3/10 overall
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