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Apr 8, 2011

*This was originally a rant that generated insults and trolldom in general. Hopefully, a few changes I've made will manage to convey my opinion of this show a little better.*

 The most interesting question in the world of anime has prevailed through yet another season: can the lack of a compelling narrative be compensated for with abhorrent amounts of fanservice screaming in unison with surprisingly bland characters? My inner being would like nothing more but to verbally mutilate the 2011 atrocity known as Freezing, but in a desperate attempt to maintain some sort of decency I eventually decided not to; but rest assured, this review is a highly negative one. Quite frankly, I doubt I’ll ever rate anything lower than this…

Story: 1/10
When an extraterrestrial threat desires global supremacy in the world we humans inhabit, you’d assume that tanks, aircrafts and experienced soldiers would be put to diligent use; but that would be overlooking one of the most efficient resources we have at our disposal: abnormally large breasted teenagers who can be genetically modified and trained in the art of combat. Known as “Pandoras”, these female warriors are paired up with boys of similar age, and attend an academy where they improve on their fighting skills. This is where our protagonists are introduced.

Because the Pandora known as “The Untouchable Queen” resembles his sister in terms of appearance, wussy boy Kazuya is determined to become her partner, and his success is a fact, despite her tsundere personality initially forbidding it. Upon realizing that the Pandoras spend more time fighting and sexually harassing each other, than they do focusing on the actual threat, Kazuya’s pacifist persona is brought to light, allowing him to tediously stop fights and preach about the value of peace.

The overuse of melodrama, the lack of an actual storyline (emphasis on “lack”), and the crucial plethora of unoriginal characters made the narrative into a no-brainer, and unless your thirst for boobs and irrelevant violence is insatiable, I’d suggest you stay away from this pile of excrement. With a better approach matters could be endurable; a lighthearted tone and deliberately exaggerated action sequences practically go hand in hand, but Freezing explains ridiculous scenarios as if they were highly realistic, and eventually ends up blunting them instead.


Animation: 7/10

Boasting a fairly successful symbiosis between traditional animation and CGI, the visual section isn’t entirely without redeeming qualities. Disregarding the character designs that are devoid of proportional accordance, I enjoyed the ending of the show from a technical point of view: an anime should refrain from depending too heavily on computer graphics, but Freezing features just the right amount to look stunning.

Furthermore, the frequently occurring outbursts of violence are choreographed decently, despite recycling the exact same formula that commonly involves exposed mammary glands and plenty of injuries. They are made with care, if a tad too reliant on the use of still images.


Sound: 2/10

For a slice of life show the soundtrack would fit terrifically, but when it accompanies out-of-place melodrama it’s hard to appreciate it. The OP is standardized to the extreme, screeching out J-Pop with glee; respectively, the voice acting is not precisely top notch either. Kazuya’s persona is portrayed by an actor whose talent lies solely in his ability to invoke a strong feeling of hate from the audience; as he nasally chants for his female partner whenever she’s facing danger, you’ll find yourself yearning for the hypothetical scenario in which he dies…

Don’t misinterpret: the music in itself carries its own form of charm with beautifully applied piano music, but its mere existence in a sleazy show like Freezing shouldn’t be allowed. Worthy to note is the equally fanservice-packed Highschool of the Dead that at least realized its limitations and threw in some rock to support key moments: but the crucial difference here is that Highschool knows how to appeal to its audience, while Freezing desperately attempts to seduce both romantics and lovers of Anime explicitness.


Characters: 2/10

Attempts at character development accompany the narrative through various flashbacks and references, but much as I appreciate its presence, greater ambitions would be beneficial; the character studies don’t even try to strike you as realistic. Ecchi is known to derive female characters of their potential appeal, and so is the case here. The ladies in Freezing constantly abuse one another, and of course they merrily participate in the occasional boob-grabbing just for the sake of it. “The Untouchable Queen” is a beautiful title indeed, but its origin can be found in a plot device that’s not very compelling, and as a result her painful history seems less significant.

You can only sit through a specific amount of screen time in which the Pandoras sexually harass each other until you question the academy they attend. Their principal glances upon her school with a solemn and slightly hopeful look; she knows that her students are the only ones capable of saving mankind, but inexplicably refrains from stopping the horrible abuse that’s allowed to occur within school property. Perhaps she should lower the requirements needed to attend her school; independency and individual strength is a must, but is a huge set of bouncing assets really that vital?

To conclude the character section I’d also like to point out the lack of creative design that damage the potential appeal even further, right as the aliens are introduced. They look like poorly scratched together pieces of metal that, hypothetically speaking, my younger brother of seven years would be able to artistically improve. Furthermore, their motive regarding world domination is blurry; as far as I could perceive them, they come without any characteristics at all.


Overall: 1.5/10

Inadequate to be entertaining on all levels except for the animation, Freezing cruelly represents everything that’s wrong in the world of Anime; ecchi prioritized far above coherency, and a narrative whose ridiculous simplicity and lack of realism muddles whatever the show wants to say. A different and more lighthearted approach could have resulted in something endurable, but when the show takes itself too seriously it crosses the line to what the average viewer can tolerate.

1/10 story
7/10 animation
2/10 sound
2/10 characters
1.5/10 overall
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SadisticTendencies Feb 26, 2013

The trolling for this review seems to have ceased but I need to clarify that I DO NOT hate fanservice. Granted, I don't like it but I'm not one of those who believe any show with fanservice will be automatically bad. It's not a problem in moderate amounts. In Freezing, however, it was far from moderate. This would have been okay if the story was about something sexual and/or perverse but they created a storyline involving aliens and human warriors who battle them - only to focus on random sexual abuse and fanservice for 80% of the runtime. 

It's kind of as if Evangelion, instead of neglecting its storyline for the sake of philosophical rambling, had neglected it to have all the characters engage in frequent and explicit scenes of breast-fondling and nudity.

Aranneas Sep 5, 2012

I guess I'm a bit late to the party but the comments on this blow my mind. >.> My takeaway is that if you disliked a show, you're not qualified to review it? So we're only ever allowed to produce glowingly positive reviews of works regardless of what we perceive their actual merits to be. I just don't understand this point of view. Is this really how people who put time and effort into 'reviewing' something think about what they're doing?

I can only thank you for, y'know, actually completing the show to formulate a complete opinion of it, and bothering to express it in words. Regardless of what anyone else may say about the endeavour.

Bleuberry Jan 19, 2012

For some reason, I only agree with parts of your review and think most of them are very "I jumped to a conclusion"-y.

 Firstly, if can't stand to watch an ecchi anime then completely avoid it. For how much you complained about it, I think you kept on watching it thinking it would stop but anime can be great even if they flash boob every two seconds. Fanservice is for the FANS of things like that. I didn't like the boobs popping out everywhere but that wasn't a reason to bash the anime completely. It's funny because you watched High School of the Dead and that anime is MUCH more fanservice-y than Freezing. Which you saying "I hate ecchi" contradicts. If you hate it so much, DON'T WATCH IT. 

"Naturally there are not only WOMEN who fight the Aliens." Is that wrong? At least they explain as to WHY it's only women. I'm sure if you actually stopped waiting for the girls to have their clothes ripped off you should of caught that.

 "They are paired up with a bunch of randomly selected wussy boys who fight alongside them for reasons that are tediously explained." This is also explained. But if you need a slower explaination then there is always the manga. And "tedious" means boring...but at least they are explained (or were you trying to say that they didn't?). But does it really matter? Would you rather girls fight amoung girls? I'm at a loss.

"In reality the Pandora spend more time fighting and sexually abusing each other than they do focusing on the actual threat. It's not until the last couple of episodes that the real plot starts, and by then it's far too late to win back lost viewers." But you kept watching. Many people did. 

"Without compiling any of the ingredients necessary for an intriguing plot Freezing desperately tries to introduce the viewer to a futuristic world in a matter of minutes." They do cover a lot of governmental issues...I don't see much about the "future" mentioned in there. If you are so willing to do so, try to go back to episodes and introduce the "future" to me because they don't go out into the real world very often. The anime takes place 98% in the school. 

So answer your question on if it's not a completely valid reason for not liking an Your argument against poor character development is bounced by your constant use of the word "tedious"...which means boring and if something is so boring then stop watching it. I can only understand the point you were trying to make there. You've watched ecchi anime before and seemingly enjoyed it so I don't believe you completely hate ecchi anime. I also don't think you can say you completely hated it because you sat through 12 episodes (about 4 hours of your life) was entered into this. I think you quite enjoyed it only if it weren't so ecchi. 

Miraclezify Jan 3, 2012

I agree wholeheartedly with your review. It seems that every possible opportunity to put a boob in a scene, it's taken, and while that isn't neccesarily a bad thing, it's just pointless and overdone and as someone mentioned, seems much too forced. And if they were going to make some large breasted females the heroes of the show, why not make their side kicks at least some cool looking dudes? Instead we're given a bunch of annoying kids. I was thinking of writing a review on Freezing myself, but yours has summed up most of what I feel is wrong with it.

guppo26 Sep 24, 2011

I don't particularly feel like writing a long comment. But I do agree on your point on the use of Ecchi in this series. Though, in a way, it adds a bit of realism when clothes tear off instead of just magically staying on after being cut by a sword multiple times, I feel the nudity and such in this series was way to forced, and too much "fan service" in a series where it doesn't really fit.

I found the action pretty decent though, and the characters weren't that bad. Some development, mostly with Satellizer (who the hell thought of that name XD) and the overall story, though not the most original, was also not that bad or 'far-fetched'.