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Underrated Anime

19 FEB

It occurred to me recently that the majority of anime I enjoy tends to be pretty well received amongst other anime fans as well. Admittedly though, there are still many titles I personally adore that have gotten either pretty bad scores on ranking sites such as anime-planet, or generally a deficit of attention. In this blog I'll list some of the anime that I consider underrated, whether it be due to poor reception or little to no reception at all.

Boogiepop Phantom:

With an AP average of just above 3, as well as having become a title hidden in a cloud of oblivion during recent years, Boogiepop Phantom seems to be gruesomely underrated and forgotten. An interesting note though is that its aesthetically and ideologically similar sibling Serial Experiments: Lain still receives good amounts of praise and recognition. Make no mistake though, Boogiepop Phantom may be confusing and extremely muted in tone, but it's definitely a unique viewing experience as well as an intriguing mystery.


Kaiba is a show that seems to be well received by its viewers. However, compared to most titles out there (including both past and recent ones) many people seem to have overlooked Kaiba in their pursuit of anime to watch. The averages tend to be within the higher section on ranking sites but the number of people who have seen the show is relatively minimal. This is truly a shame as this ranks as one of my favorite anime of all time with its daring visuals, well executed story and interesting messages regarding technology and memories.

Princess Arete:

A mediocre average on AP as well as a modest number of merely 500 viewers? Are you kidding me? Except for the top notch Ghibli features like Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke, Princess Arete is as good as any animated movie usually gets! It's animated by Studio 4C and is thus wonderfully pretty to look at, but the highlights of this movie are comprised of the charming fantasy-esque storyline as well as the brilliant protagonist. More people need to see this one for sure!

My Neighbors The Yamadas:

Studio Ghibli!

Take a look at the above sentence and let your associations roam free. 90% of anime viewers, including me, would probably think of Hayao Miyazaki in an instant. Furthermore, among the minority that would give Isao Takahata a thought, most would undoubtedly picture the painful sufferings of his most famous Grave of the Fireflies. One of his other features is the lighthearted and occasionally funny My Neighbors the Yamadas, but sadly there are few individuals who actually bother to give it a watch. Do yourself a favor and go enjoy this story of a dysfunctional family!

Digimon, Season 1:

Okay, I'm calling one of the bigger franchises the world of anime has to offer underrated? Allow me to explain: Digimon is forever doomed to stand in the shadow of the more successful Pokémon. Admittedly, Digimon was named as such to cash in on the success of its predecessor. Though, according to my humble opinion, Digimon is far superior. Yet, whenever one mentions Digimon in a conversation with a fellow 90's kid, he/she is bound to insult it and instead bring up the topic of Pokémon. This is a shame as Digimon provides better character development, a story where each episode is relevant to the overarching narrative, and the exploration of things such as natural selection and evolution. 


If I ever feel like it, I'll probably develop this list!


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