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high school dxd (2nd season)

26 SEP

fan service galore - with no effort to hide it.  splash screens have everything out bare.  could almost be better if it had more substance.... read more

servant x service

24 SEP

anime about civil servants.  quite funny, easy to get through, and amazingly enough, not about high school.  not much to say, interesting f... read more

the world god only knows : goddess arc

24 SEP

was about to leave this series aside after the way it ended s1 and s2.  but for some reason committed to it afterwards. show follows damaged pr... read more

persona 4 the animation

30 AUG

serial murderer strikes in fictional town.  hero gathers allies and fights in a parallel world.  his friendships and interactions make him s... read more

haiyore! nyaruko-san w

23 AUG

more of the same wacky sapstick humor.  nyaruko et al, lovable as always.  yasaka remains his obnoxious self.  not much in ways of plo... read more