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I copied and pasted an old bio for u (hopefully its not too bad)

Right what can i say about me... Im Irish, proud Dub (its short for Dubliner), im a happy go lucky kinda guy i think, shy, sarcastic (a bit funny), sporty and i love to have the craic (Bah an Irish word u mightn't get but long story short it means "the laugh") and being with my mates when i get the chance. Im also sure i can be quite annoying sometimes.

Red, blue and green are my fav colours if that says anything about me haha. I don't think im that creative, maybe a little in science but in like art no tatent. Musically im talentless although i love listening to it.  I've lived all around Ireland a bit, in Dublin, Cork , Dundalk and Belfast if u know the country.  I'm  a science graduate, in the chemical/biotech area(yeah i know NERD!!) ha yeah i think im a bit of a nerd but only in science im not a nerd most of the time. Currently im back in college doing a masters in biotech (but im babbling about boring stuff).

I had started learning Japanese Hiragana and Katakana >.< so kinda only know basic stuff but i want to improve. As i said i love sports, my fav being Basketball, but I've played in football, Gaelic football, hockey, tag rugby and volleyball. When im in a pub i do like to play 8-ball pool :D I support Liverpool, Dublin and Miami Heat in their sports and Ireland in 90% of what they play.

Might as well talk about geeky stuff i play computer games (Zelda can not be put into words cause of its awesomeness), i also read Manga (i like anime too but manga is better) My fav has to be One Piece (all hail Oda) it is the best of all time and always will be.

Im ur typical normal guy that happens to be interested in Asian (China mostly) when i was young and thanks to anime/manga read into Japanese culture and history and became more intested in it......Tho Chinas human right violations got me pissed at them even if there country is amazing and containing so much wonders.

I applied to JET Programme this year and hopefully ill get in but >.< atm im not too convident since ive no Japanese/teaching/volunetter work...ah well fingers crossed.

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