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Angel Beats!

Oct 16, 2012


Angel Beats, to me, was an interesting and beautiful anime. It definitely raised ideas about death and life and presented them all in a creative way.

I was recommended this anime from a friend who told me that it was very sad, but to be honest I found Angel Beats to be hopeful and happy; a certain bitter sweet feeling created by the sad context but at the same time surprisingly happy because of the group of energetic youth. In a way I probably felt the way I did because I could relate to some of the outlooks that some of the characters had on life.

The whole message of the anime was also something I found to be quite beautiful.To live your life to its fullest and not to regret a single thing.

If there is one thing I must criticize about this anime it's that it is way too short. I felt that a lot of the emotions I could have felt were cut off because of the lack of depth and character development. If the anime was made longer to allow more time to become comfortable with the characters I believe that Angel Beats would have been much more touching. 

Aside from that Angel Beats contains a wonderful storyline and theme as well some pretty hilarious moments.


The animation in Angel Beats was really amazing. Maybe it's just me but the scenes with Girl's Dead Monster playing were really wonderful.


The sound in Angel Beats was awesome. The theme songs were just so memorable and Girl's Dead Monster's songs were good as well; it was all really nicely done.


For the characters, I'd say most of the group were memorable. Each had their own 'thing' but there were a few which I didn't really care for, most probably because they weren't given much depth. As I stated before, if the anime was longer I'm sure each character could have stood out much more.


And so overall I'd give Angel Beats a 9/10. Simply because I could somehow relate to it. The music, the cast, the themes; they were all amazing. Of course in the end this is just my opinion. 

Take care!

9/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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