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The somebody with you but we got one Safer Colon personally here I don’t think who's had a chance to yes sir concern about so many of the drugansohn every former media and then when you’re seeing in the doctor's office and you see the rap come in with all the toys in the gimmicks every clip board has got a drug on it every Penn the Kleenex boxes and you're sitting there and you don't have prescription drug coverage and you got to the managers say I wanton other's pins at least I can have their I get really creative formative man since that was legally allowed that's right is so that was a concern I have in mown experience rate my favorite is the ads that say that that heavenly dancing in a field you know and then it says ask your doctor if you should be unblocked and uncertainties what for what I does that tell you they’re even tell you know what it is and I think mean one of the issues it .

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