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I like Ska music, Anime and Video Games. That's pretty much it.

any other info can be attained here:

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Lolo Sep 28, 2007

And if i get drunk well, I'll pass out On the floor now baby You won't bother me no more And if you're drinkin' well, you know That you're my friend and I say I think I'll have myself a beer

I love ska could you possibly suggest some bands? Thanks! - the marvelous captain lolo

VivisQueen Aug 29, 2007

Saw you on the 'Random User' page, liked your avatar (Samurai Champloo is one of my faves too). Your taste seems to run in the direction of badass sort of anime with lots of fighting. Ever thought of making recs for the anime you've watched? 'Cause I think a lot of them would be great recommendations for each other e.g. Bebop and Samurai Champloo. Anyway, hope you're enjoying the site!