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I work very hard at my job, and I can meow say that it is a job.(I am changing this first part because I now say that work is work).  When I'm not working, I love to drive my car, and I have a smile on my face every time I am behind the wheel because I LOVE my car.  I also love to do other things like camping, hiking, drinking or just being glued to the computer/TV watching movies and ANIMES.

Since I have been watching anime back when you could only get it on VHS(you know the video format before DVD, Blu-Ray and even Netflix), I must say something about what people are watching now, younger people need to watch older anime.

Older anime is the basis of a lot of the current/newer anime that is out now. Of course the young-ens will say "The animation is not as sharp as current anime or that it just sucks." Guess what, animation is not everything.  For all of you that think different, FUNK YOU!! (Oh Ya, I wrote funk.)

Get into the story! Yes, there are a lot of sucky stories in the anime world.

I, myself, am one that does watch sucky stories, but I also love the well written stories. Especially ones with a great director that obtains great/talented people for the production of the anime they are working on.

If you are born in the 1990's, please try to watch some of the older anime. You might be surprised.

How I Rate:

5 Star - Really Loved It, It's the Cat's Meow or 'Nyaa'

4 1/2 Star - Loved It, Best Thing since Sliced Bread

4 Star - Really Liked It, Good

3 1/2 Star - Liked it

3 Star - It's Okay or It Passes

2 1/2 Star - So So

2 Star - Did Not Like

1 1/2 Star - Really Did Not Like, so it Sucks

1 Star -"HATED IT!" just like in Men On Film or Men On Sports

1/2 Star - Really, Really, REALLY Hated It, This is a P-O-S!

P.S. Dragon Ball Z..... SUCKS!!!!

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SaguraSousuke Feb 15, 2012

I'm never catching up...

Benzin Dec 5, 2011

Just wondered.  Getting close to that time, you know?

Benzin Dec 1, 2011

Did you ever take care of pre-registration?

Benzin Apr 20, 2011


Enjoy your ghost samurai catgirl thingy anime.