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what the hell's a psychicer???

12 AUG

what the hell is with this God awful piece of crap first off who names there kid burn,why is his hair so weird,how does he sleep like that,apparently not a lot of the characters have a purpose they just sit there and try to look deep,why doesnt everybody have a name,also why the hell do we see some kind of half-assed shounen-ai scene at the end,why the hell does this anime have no point,why is the jap dub just as bad as the eng dub,why did this even need an op for that matter why did this even need to be made if i was this vile things director id be afraid to go outside for fear of getting the crap kicked out of me by an army of American and japanese otaku anyway i was happy drinking my white tea,rice crackers,miso soup,and pocky(yes im that sad a person to have that for dinner)until i saw this im sorry i every did.ja ne

p.s. what the hell is a psychicer???

p.p.s. i no what it is but still wtf??!!?!?!?

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Innocency avatar Innocency
Aug 13, 2009

Haha, Psychic Force really is a bad anime xD Though there was two games, which were moderately decent fighting games (which I still own). The whole anime is full of plot holes and stupidity, and the character designs scream of early shonen character types. And a Psychicer is basically Psychic Force's termonology for anyone who's got super-human powers. In the end, Psychic Force's plot is unneccassary and I've seen better plot for its concept in fanfiction. ...And by the way, I want some pocky! hehe ^_^

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