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I shouldn't have to do this, I really shouldn't but the internet's rampant hipsterism has forced my hand*. Just because Code Geass is popular that doesn't mean it sucks** any more than AIDS being rare makes it great. This is one of those anime where the animation does match the overall quality; it's excellent. The songs are pretty good and it has Yuri Lowentahl, Michelle Ruff and Johnny Yong Bosch. Like the Gundam series (also made by Sunrise wouldn't you know) the broad appeal here is a sort of median voter theory; there's action, politics and mysticism so while there's not a huge amount of any of those things there's enough of this and that to satisfy everyone and not leave anybody out. I'm no fan of mysticism whether in anime or in real life but I'm not going to pass up politics and action in the one show. Yeah the show does start off being a lot like Death Note but after a few episodes it stands on its own and yes the ending was inconclusive when it came out but with R2 it obviously isn't anymore. Something else I like about Code Geass is I can relate to it; the rich invaders on one side of the street and the poor natives on the other; change street to river and you've got 8 centuries of the history of Ireland in one sentence; even nowadays in Cork and Dublin the rich live south of the river and the poor north of it but rather than drugs Irish people turned to alcohol. Not only that but Code Geass is alternate history so the British are still Celts (a bright haired, pale skinned people, the Irish, the Scots, the Welsh, the Manx, the Breton and the Cornish to one degree or another) and having moved to America they invade Japan. Indeed, there was a real Celtic King called Clovis and he was weak as well. I've seen a lot of people on the internet flat out admit to having been on drugs while watching this or that video of anything really and with all of the hate on Code Geass I can't say I'm surprised that the internet is full of potheads.

* The more popular something is the more it gets bashed regardless of its actual quality; Wicked City is one of the worst anime ever but it's not popular anyway so it gets past the internet's venom-covered radar. 

** Since the internet is obsessed with pointing out percieved hypocrisies I never said Evangelion was crap for being popular, just overrated for having unlikable charachters, being pretentious and using Christian symbolism in a nonsensical way.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
5/10 characters
9/10 overall
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