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Some toes may be stepped on here but not on purpose. The animation is pretty good and I rate style, not quality so as to be fair to older anime as older or newer is not necessarily better. The soundtrack is made up of classical music and original songs which are in English because it's the language the Alliance use I guess but the show mainly focuses on the Empire, ah whatever. As with most music I find classical to be mainly either mediocre or crap and unlike some I fail to see how liking this music in any way automatically makes you smarter, surely liking music that does have singing would make one smarter because there's more to take in? Sure there's Slob On My Knob by The Three Six Mafia but there's also the Immanuel Kant Song. I've already pointed out why I'm opposed to anything except a system of government where the candidate who got the most right answers on the 1000 question test gets to rule until at least the next years' selection process (oh I know nobody supports this but at first everybody thought washing one's hands wasn't a good idea as well) so it should come as no surprise that I can't support either side whether it's the Empire who enslave captured populations or the Free Planets Alliance whose public services are useless and whose economy is inferior (at one point in the show it was stated that the economic balance of power was Empire 5 FPA 4 Phezzan 1, while nominally part of the Empire Phezzan runs itself). While running from 1988-1997 its future was pretty accurate to a degree; people have indeed turned away from religion and towards alcohol and mysticism and things haven't gotten any better. Don't get me wrong, I'm hardly indifferent on the subject* but if there's one thing I've learned from experience it's that people believe in or doubt what's convenient to themselves no matter what the subject in question is** (like in England how the poor north votes Labour and the rich south Conservative) and that people who claim to be religious are only in it for the notion of Heaven and really don't know if God exists (I ask the people who think that all religious people are fundamentalists how the majority of people could be a part of a religion whose sacred text says "thou shalt not fornicate with man nor beast" yet virtually everybody does anyway? The fundamentalists aren't truly religious either, the Bible says do unto others... and not think anybody is inferior), people who are atheists*** are in it for the idea that you can do whatever you want because we'll all end up the same anyway and think that just because the majority are such morons that they're automatically smart for being the minority and even act like they hate God but they don't know if He exists either and people who are agnostic are the real atheists, they just don't have the courage to admit it even to themselves (whenever a debate was taking place I have always seen the self-proclaimed agonstics taking the atheists' side) and that people are only into spirituality for the idea that you can do this easy stuff and things will go fine right away. I've seen all of this for myself and this being the internet and everybody being from the anglosophere and thus an empiricist anybody disagreeing with me has already lost. While I've got little positive to say about South Park one thing it did get right was that if religion was eliminated there would still be war over politics (I would add and land and money, how else do you suppose Catholics and Protestants lived together in harmony in every other country in Europe in the late 1900's but not in Northern Ireland where there was discrimination in houses, jobs and votes?) In Legend Of The Galactic Heroes religion is near nonexistent and yet there's been constant war for over a century anyway, true the Terraists have infiltrated both sides but nobody agrees with them apart from their own members, both sides are in the fight for their politics and nothing else. One of the best things about the show is its attempt at being very realistic but that's a double-edged sword. On the one hand it's admirable for an anime of all things to try to be accurate but becuase of this you get people who like it because of that reason alone; it tries to be smart so people think liking it automatically makes them smart (see also the Evangelion and Ghost In The Shell franchises) and throw in classical music and you've got some prime snob bait right there. People who like this show (on other websites) have snobbily and passive aggressively compared it to the Gundam franchise in a way that's demenaing to the Gundam franchise but the thing is the Gundam franchise does exactly what it sets out to do; be halfway realistic and therefore not asking the viewer to suspend their disbelief and halfway fantastical so as to interest the viewer and this is why the Gundam franchise is so popular. Legend Of The Galactic Heroes tries to go for full on realism but stops a fair bit short of this with the one thing apart from unlikable characters (not just on ideological grounds; there's nothing likable about them apart from Hildegard and Annerose who are nice people, there's also the fact that von Oberstein is a machiavellian, Bittenfeld is reckless and actually more harm than good but never gets sacked and so on) which holds it back from being a masterpiece as opposed to just a good anime; it's set in the future but they parade around the battlefield like it's the 1800's. I know roriconfan has attempted to just dismiss this enormous flaw out of hand as (I paraphrase) "there's something in the outer space settlements which means they have to fight in close formation" well yes but why would anybody build something that would make them fight this way? It's not to either side's advantage and using tactics centuries old is surely a disadvantage to both sides if anything. Technology moves ever forward, sure Napoleon brough back the cuirass to great effect but that didn't stop the constantly improving firearms technology from making mounted troops obsolete eventually. The quicker weapons can be fired the more the soldiers spread out so as to minimise the amount of people who all get hit from the same shell and so on so if anything in the future the weapons would be faster not slower (the LOGH ships fire at the rate of a sniper rifle but at pistol range, proportionately speaking) so the formations would be looser and not tighter. roriconfan pointed out in his review that LOGH portrays religion as evil but I counter that there's only one religion shown in the show and it's a religion that it's speculated people would have, not one that anybody has now so it's not anti-all religons any more than Nineteen Eighty Four is a criticism of the entire left wing and not just the far left (I know George Orwell was a socialist but I'm not saying LOGH is pro- other religions either.) Oh boy am I religious (I see this as a duty and not something to be proud of and I haven't been the best Christian) and oh boy is roriconfan an atheist and oh boy do I disagree with him 40% of the time (yes 40, you did read that right) so how on Earth (ho ho!) can we both like the same show? For different reasons, obviously.

* Because what creates something must be more powerful than what it creates I can certainly buy that there was an all powerful being around already or the universe would never have been made but I can't buy that an enormous explosion came out of nowhere for no reason because everything happens for a reason even if it's not a sensible or sane one and explosions don't create things, only destroy them and as an aside if you think the universe is infinite then I'm the one who's laughing at you. Looking at the rules of religions and the way the world works to keep it short I find Catholicism the logical choice and anybody rolling their eyes at this point would do well to remember that I'm not your typical Irish person as I'm certainly not a libertarian plus given everybody's prejudice against autistic people and Irish people's capitalist and anglophillic leanings why would I want to fit in to a society that I fundamentally detest? Japanese people aren't Christian bar 1% and don't pretend to be which is one factor that makes me want to leave the west and go to Japan.
** The evolutionists have gone so far as to say it's a survival mechanism and a part of evolution. I say it's due to the pettiness that comes with stupidity and that if people are stupid they can't see the value of being smart so they take the hedonistic path and go from a reckless youth to a self-pitying middle age to a grumpy and sick old age having accomplished nothing because they said "screw everything, I only want happiness and I want it right now" and then they get almost entirely forgotten about.
*** Every group has its moronic, nasty hardcore element like how Christianity and Islam have the fundamentalists.

9/10 story
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8/10 overall
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