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TV Tropes Sucks

31 AUG

"We're a buttload more informal than Wikipedia" it declares and you just know when there's a word like buttload around it's not exactly going to be a shining triumph of reason over populism*. Unsurprisingly, it isn't. One trope it lists as not being true is Anarchy Is Chaos never mind that man's bestial and self-serving nature as evidenced by the ever growing popularity of capitalism and relativism and hedonism and the resultant shrinking of the state both in the economy and the bedroom has caused ballooning STD and crime rates, imagine how widespread these would be if there was no government at all ! With no authority in place to prevent it there was widespread looting in Dublin during the Easter Rising and just look at all of the rapes and murders carried out by armies who have beaten the other side in their city or fortress. Anarchy would certainly be chaos just as sure as capitalism is economic inequality. 

               In the article Did I Mention I'm Hetereosexual Today? it says that there's nothing wrong with homosexuality. I know it's practically my cactchphrase by now but from what I've seen the players aren't any worse than anybody else but because the whole point of gender is reproduction it's the game that's rotten and all the relativism in the world won't change that nor will all the freedom or equality in the world, in fact it was the gay rights movement that taught me that equality isn't fundamentally a good idea and I learnt by myself that it's best to strike a balance between freedom and other concerns. This being said I have a bone to pick with the liberals and conservatives alike, we're talking about 2% of the population here but as ever humanity goes for symbolism and broad terms that are agreeable to everyone rather than specific policies designed to acheive tangible results. Both sides have banged on about homosexuality incessantly and I've seen the equals sign more this year than any other year, far far more. The genuine homophobes have rightly screwed up just by being homophobic as they've allowed the liberals to paint everybody opposed to homosexuality as a homophobe. The internet's mid-20's, urban, American, atheist, liberal, postmodern existentialist, anarchistic, male, white hivemind sooner or later comes to dominate everything that anyone can edit or post to (go to Wikipedia right now and compare the number of Atheist Wikipedians to Christian Wikipedians, go on, I guarantee there's far more atheists) as evidenced by the widespread popularity of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Invisble Pink Unicorn, Blasphemy Challenge and the floods of satanic usernames. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union nothing has been more downright bigoted against every religion than the internet.

              On a more entertainment level it seems 3/4 of every trope in existence applies to Evangelion (it lasts for 26 episodes!) or Doctor Who. The amount of times a picture of Evangelion has been used as the trope picture is ridiculous plus the Rule Of Cautious Editing Judgement and Your Mileage May Vary have been hideously combined to make the outrageous claim that L is as bad as Light (because imprisoning people without trial for longer than you're legally allowed to is as bad as mass murder of people who were clearly going to be punished anyway). There's also constant Lelouch bashing, they have flat out made stuff up about what he did or guessed at what he did offscreen. I can only guess that because the villains in Code Geass are American (as seen by the invasion map in the first episode) the mainly American userbase decided to besmirch the reputation of America's enemy Lelouch out of nothing but jingoism. 

*If you're about to comment "herp a derp, but you're religious" then don't bother, I see it coming a mile off. Rather than pointing out percieved hypocrisies all of the time you could do something useful perhaps?


thebarfscarf avatar thebarfscarf
Feb 9, 2014

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