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Actually, Anime Gets Better

25 AUG

It seems people just can't separate their anime lives from their other lives (offtopic rants about religion and UC Gundam fans saying that in Gundam there isn't any good or evil in spite of the authoritarians always losing and murdering more people than the moderates are 2 examples). One way this manifests itself is taking a rose tinted view of the quality of anime in the past. Having little else to do being single, friendless and unemployed I've looked at every anime listed on this site and if anything anime gets better and not worse over time. Anime began in 1928 but there was nothing useful around until 1966 (the Cyborg 009 movie) but its use was one hell of a slow burner; there's nothing above mediocre in the Cyborg 009 franchise until the 2000's remake of the original TV series but the first anime that was entertaining in of itself was Mobile Suit Gundam in 1979. While there are some anime I haven't watched in years and need to rewatch to see if they're as good as I remember so far from 1928-1991 there are a measly 13 anime worth watching, from 1992-2004 an impressive 37 and from 2005-2011 29. While as time goes by more anime are made as a general rule (from 2001-2006 more and more anime were made year after year) even proportionately the premises are getting more interesting as is the animation though the stories seem to now only revolve around vampires, ghosts etc. (as usual) or episodic pseudo-yuris about high school girls not doing very much (if it wasn't for the hype I never would have checked out Azumanga Daioh but I'm very glad I did) or shorts not even lasting 10 minutes on the internet so while one of anime's main attractions has gone downhill 2 of its other main attractions have improved so although I haven't seen anything worth watching these past 2 years so far that doesn't mean that today's anime is any worse than the anime of the past unless you want to be very short term about it, sure 2011 was a better year but I saw only 2 anime from that year that were worth watching (Haganai and Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu 2), a 100% drop isn't much when there wasn't much to lose in the first place and I saw only 2 bad anime these last 2 years and they were only slightly bad, if anything 1987 was worse than 2012 and not better.

1987 V 2012

While 1987 had Zeta Gundam and ZZ Gundam it also had Wicked City, one of the worst anime of all time, its 0.5 star rating from me easily eclipsing the 2.5 for Girls Und Panzer Specials (it may seem odd to take half a star off for the constant shilling of the anglerfish dance but when you spend months making a few minutes long episode containing nothing but a song we've heard twice before in some dirty attempt to make it a meme you're begging to lose half a star). My average rating for 1987 anime is 2.8 but for 2012 it's 2.9 which flies right in the face of the idea that anime was better before plus I saw more anime in 2012. 2012 had more anime that made me want to watch them, the anime I did see were better on average and so even though there wasn't one anime from that year that I liked it was a better year for anime than 1987 even though in 1987 there were anime I liked so not even a smaller number to divide by could save 1987 from defeat. I chose 1987 only because that's when Wicked City came out and 2012 to prove a point. 

While we humans like to believe in what's convenient to us and doubt what isn't when I'm right it's usually bad news so I have no vested interest in kidding myself but I bet I could compare any other 80's year and any other 2000's year with one another and the evidence would still support the fact that anime gets better from one decade to another if not necessarily one year to another and with the recession apparently ending the safe playing, reinforcing existing franchises meaning you're further herded into the same franchises with no new ones to try and the same reasons for not liking other franchises still being around, I call this being franchise locked, an example being that nothing in my want to watch list is from a franchise I don't already know things can only get better, not to quote that awful song by the talentless band D;ream. It was the late 90's and early 00's when music was at its best, not the late 80's and early 90's. 


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