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Anime Review Fallacies

26 NOV

Cynical Conjecture

Any reviewer who doesn't like a show that you like is either stupid, biased, nitpicking or hasn't even seen the show.

Double Standards

Even the most stupid, pointless, boring or deliberately offensive things about anime you like aren't worth mentioning or are only minor while even the most minor of offenses that an anime you hate has commited must be harshly, relentlessly and remorselessly slammed.

Chance Deprivation

You hate an anime before ever seeing it then watch it just to have a more convincing argument about why you think it sucks and while watching it no matter how good it is you will still hate it as much as you did before you watched it.

Entertainment Reactionaryism

The belief that the quality of the anime is proportional to its age and that therefore old anime and subs are better just because they came first while new anime and dubs are the worst anime ever seen simply because they're newer.

America Is East Japan

The belief that watching subtitled anime on the internet makes the experience more like how the Japanese experience anime firsthand even though the firsthand Japanese viewers watch it on TV, without subtitles and have to sit through commercials.

Feigned Ignorance Of The Laws Of Sexuality Probability

Any 2 males who have been even the slightest bit nice to one another are gay even if the anime in question isn't a yaoi.

Feigned Ignorance Of The Laws Of Sexuality Probability Collorary

Any female who is in love with one of said males is automatically evil and out to the breakup the (non existent) relationship the 2 males (don't) have regardless of any of her other actions, thoughts or feelings.


If it's fun to watch then it would be a good idea if it were real. Best examples are zombie apocalypses and the events of After War Gundam X.

Universal Century Gundam Fanbase Fallacy

Newer anime within a franchise you like are the worst anime ever regardless of how good they actually are or of how bad anime not in said franchise are simply because they're not the older anime of the franchise.

Universal Century Gundam Fanbase Fallacy Collorary

Newer anime in a franchise you like are either the worst anime ever because they're similar to the older anime in the franchise (Gundam SEED for example) or are the worst anime ever because they are different to the older anime in the franchise (Gundam Wing for example).

Harem Backlash Golden Bullet Fallacy

An anime with a plot that has been done before is a bad anime for that reason alone.

Code Geass Hater Fallacy

An anime that you don't like that is very popular is the worst anime ever simply because you hate it but a lot of people like it.

L Fangirl Fallacy

L from Death Note is hot and more men should be like him but real life men who are like L are creepy and must be avoided at all costs.

Overly Enthusiastic Anti-4 Kids Backlash

Any anime dubbed by 4Kids is censored therefore is awful regardless of how little was censored or how good the voice acting is.

Nishijo Takumi Hater Fallacy

Any main character that is the opposite of you is scum.

Legend Of The Galactic Heroes Fan Hypocrisy

The belief that Legend Of The Galactic Heroes is excellent and Gundam crap because of their differences in spite of the fact that

*they are both set mainly in space,

*are about war,

*have an authoritarian group opposed by a more moderate group

and in spite of the fact that as weapons technology improves weapons become more devastating to tightly packed groups and real life armed forces and Gundam armed forces spread out so it's harder to hit more than one soldier with the same shot while the navies of LOGH move around tightly packed in huge groups maintaining a solid line, a method of warfare that was outdated before the 1860's and so would hardly be used in the 2300's.

Unrepresentative Sample

Every guerilla is a terrorist even if they don't kill any civilians on purpose and are on the side of the good guys.


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