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I Am A Gundam Otaku But...

12 NOV

Don't get me wrong, I am a Gundam otaku but there's plenty about the Gundam fanbase that annoys me.

The yaoi fangirls that have only seen Wing annoy me because the director of Wing himself said there aren't any romances in Wing because he's no good at making them (that's right, not even Heero/Relena and Zechs/Noin) secondly almost nobody is gay (2% of Americans and 1.7% of British people last time I checked) so if someone was gay in Wing they would almost certainly be the only gay person in Wing so there's still no romance. Thirdly being in any way nice to someone the same gender as you doesn't make you homosexual. Finally there's just no logic behind all the yaoi fanfiction in practically any series*, it's just fantasies came up with by females at their horniest. Yaoi fanfiction about a yaoi series though, that's legit. These yaoi fangirls just further the ridiculous criticism that Wing is all about attractive boys just being attractive boys and not the nature of humanity, warfare, politics and all that. They're giving ammo to the very people that hate Wing. Not that logic has ever changed anyone's mind about anything but I'd rather be Don Quixote than some guy who's evil but succeeds.

Destroying The Wing Fandom

  • Like in Death Note. L/Light? No way. At no time did any of them mention that they were gay and the odds that one of them is is tiny going by the laws of probability and therefore the odds of both of them being gay is near astronomically small. Added to that L is the detective that is trying to catch Light the serial killer. You don't fall in love with someone who's trying to kill you/get you arrested for mass murder. Can you imagine General Revil/Gihren Zabi being in love with one another? Shiro/Aina and Christina/Bernard are legit, none of them murdered anyone, especially not on purpose and none of them were world famous plus they weren't specifically out to get one another because they realise that not everyone in a different uniform is evil. Then when L dies the yaoi fangirls go "Iiih Death Note sucks now" BUT STILL WATCH IT RIGHT TO THE VERY END.

Athrun/Kira Arguments

Maybe SEED and SEED Destiny are all about the characters and the factions don't mean much and I'm missing the point but seriously people, there are plenty of other characters and neither Kira nor Athrun are immortal or invincible. Neither of them lead their factions, they just follow their hearts, follow orders and just make it out alive to fight another day. Chill out people.

ZZ Hating

Yeah ZZ is slightly less dark than your average Gundam show but only slightly. If this is all people hate it for then they're just being petty. When it comes to subs I sightly prefer it to Zeta because all of its songs are well performed or OK; contrast that with the first opening of Zeta which isn't a bad song but is badly performed and gives me the impression that instead of taking bits from an already recorded song and putting them together they got the singer in one day before Zeta was schedueled to come out and had her record it then and there. For the record I slightly prefer the dub of Zeta to the sub of ZZ.

Zeon Supporting

I shouldn't have to explain why this is annoying, I really shouldn't but my fellow Gundam fans seem to be the most morally clueless people on the planet and that says a lot. We all know that Zeon is just Nazi Germany in space while the Federation are the Allies. The Zeon started the One Year War which ended up killing over half of the human race and causing a lot of environmental damage all becuase Zeon wanted independence for some reason. Do I have to explain why deliberately dropping colonies and nukes on innocent civilians is wrong? It's not even practical. Go for the enemy's armed forces, the people who have by far the best chance of killing yours. Why must Gundam fans insist that there isn't any right or wrong in the Gundam series in spite of the reasons I've given and the fact that the Titans killed innocent civilians and the AEUG didn't, the First Neo Zeon dropped a colony on Dublin (more deliberate innocent civilian murdering), the AEUG didn't kill any innocent civilians, the 2nd Neo Zeon wanted to unleash a second Ice Age, Londo Bell had no such idea, BESPA used the guillotine, the League Militaire didn't, OZ wanted to rule with an iron fist, the Sanc kingdom wanted peace, need I go on?

"The Gundams in Wing are overpowered!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!111!1!!!11!1!1!!1!!!!!!"

I have never seen a UC Gundam get destroyed while the Wing Zero was self destructed and so was another Gundam in Wing (the Deathscythe I think). Added to that UC Gundams never even lose either. The Gundams in Wing are so powerful because they're made from Gundanium, which is found in space, WHERE THE REBELS LIVE. The Rebels use a few powerful suits because their goal is to kill OZ soldiers rather than occupy ground which is what the Earth forces with their many but weak suits want to do.

UC Snobbery

I agree that the UC shows are better but that's no reason to not like the other shows. Too many people rule things out just for being new and so limit themselves unnecessarily. Don't forget either that while UC shows have given us MS IGLOO they have also given us F91. The amount of hate on SEED Destiny just for being newer and a little bit worse is grossly unfair; it's a slightly bad show, not a disasterously bad show.


rollingzokumr2 avatar rollingzokumr2
Feb 2, 2014

I agree on most points with you except ,the original Rx-78 Gundam was destroyed against the Zeong in side of A Baoa Qu. Also The Rx-78gp01 and gp02 were destroyed fighting each other. Along with of the Blue destiny units fighting each other. So there has been a few Gundams destroyed in the UC. Many more units were destroyed but I can't recite all of them by heart.

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