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Engineer, science enthusiast, walking compendium of useless information, AMV maker, hardcore geek.

Here's one of my AMVs. My channel is Kiripro (CyberdarkVenom in the url).

Why I Love Anime:

It's a fantastic art form. It's not just cartoons. It's cartoons with significant depth that other kinds just don't pull off. For the most part it's the most realistic type of cartoon, albeit exaggerated in certain ways. Most cartoons use some kind of flat, tubey or bizarrely jagged style, giving people impossible body types, while most anime characters look like functional human beings. Even girls with gag-boobs like Shizuka from Highschool of the Dead or Naga from Slayers. :P

Also, anime is more of a story-telling medium than a simple entertainment medium. They often have stories and characters that allow a person to get invested more deeply than other types of animation. It's a lot easier to care about what happens to say, Tomoya Okazaki (Clannad), than it is to care about what happens to pretty much any given cartoon character.

My Anime Buying Policy:

I only buy the animes I really like, and only if they're available for a reasonable price. I'm very "try before I buy" to avoid wasting money. Pirate or stream first, buy later. If the show just isn't available, then I'm just going to pirate it. Their fault for not selling their product where willing consumers exist.

Dub or Sub?:

I prefer dubs for convenience, but if a dub is unfaithful to the original, has awful casting, both, or the show just isn't dubbed, then I'll watch it subbed. I'm just terrible about watching subbed anime in a timely manner. I can bang out a dub in one sitting while listening to it and doing something else if it's a short series, but subbed might take a few weeks just because of the attention it requires.


I had to leave out a few favorites that I really wanted to include, but...

  1. Sword Art Online
  2. Slayers
  3. High School DxD
  4. Gurren Lagann
  5. Rurouni Kenshin
  6. Hellsing Ultimate
  7. High School of the Dead
  8. Spice & Wolf
  9. B Gata H Kei - Yamada's First Time
  10. Rosario + Vampire


These legitimately irritate me with their very existence. 

  1. Aquarion (It's just a shitty Naruto + Evangelion fanfiction...)
  2. Samurai X: Reflections (Just...No. Rurouni Kenshin deserves better.)
  3. Himouto Umaru-chan (Fuck that obnoxious little piece of fuck. She literally makes me furious.) 
  4. Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars (*Internal Shinji Ikari-esque screaming*)
  5. Madoka Magica (Pretentious, tragedy for the sake of tragedy...)
  6. Peach Girl (Easy target? Maybe. But still horrendous.) 
  7. One Piece (ENOUGH ALREADY.) 
  8. Nabari no Ou
  9. Neon Genesis Evangelion (You can (Not) Write A Competent Story) 
  10. Rideback (Solty no Ou...Yes it's that bad.)

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Ryuzaki71510 Apr 5, 2011

Heheh 69 watched.

Onizenko Apr 4, 2011

Yeah I had a feeling they sucked hahaha How about those statues in the desert? I fed one a RageCandyBar and I accidentally one shotted it xD What's your team in both games? I'll have to look at mine (I've nicknamed every Pokemon I've caught thus far, so haven't learned their actual names rofl) Im doin great! First day at work since I moved across country. But the hat is too small, it hurts my temples ;-; MMMMM I wanna buy a 3DS and PS3 XD (Kingdom Hearts)

Onizenko Apr 3, 2011

Rofl when I catch one of those I'm so naming it that! xD The Pokemon was, err, that water monkey. I really need to get to a wifi hot spot soon so I can catch Vinciti or whatever ;-; How've you been?

Onizenko Apr 3, 2011

Oh yay! You have Gourry as your avatar :D Speaking of, a friend gave me Pokemon White as an early birthday gift. I named a Pokemon Gourry xD Sadly, it wasn't a jellyfish (yet lol)

Onizenko Mar 16, 2011

Hey man, how's it going? A thousand apologies for the late reply, been busy with moving and just haven't been on much. Any updates on, well, anything? :D