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This section's felt a little awkward for almost 2 years now, so what the hell. Time to clean it up. So, lessee what rolls off the tip of my brain this time.


Not too much to say, really. ^^; I'm not overly talkative, but once I get to know someone I can be much more open. I'm a natural-born scientist and engineer. They're my greatest passions, honestly. I love to think and solve problems. I also love video games, with a collection of over 100 titles. I also enjoy reading and since I'm here it's pretty obvious that I love anime. :D

I like to make AMVs from time to time, and I usually only post the ones that I really like. Here are a couple that I posted to YouTube. :)

Why I Love Anime:

It's a fantastic art form. It's not just cartoons. It's cartoons with significant depth that other kinds just don't pull off. For the most part it's the most realistic type of cartoon, albeit exaggerated in certain ways. Most cartoons use some kind of flat, tubey or bizarrely jagged style, giving people impossible body types, while most anime characters look like functional human beings. Even girls with gag-boobs like Shizuka from Highschool of the Dead or Naga from Slayers. :P

Also, anime is more of a story-telling medium than a simple entertainment medium. They often have stories and characters that allow a person to get invested more deeply than other types of animation. It's a lot easier to care about what happens to Princess Serenity than it is to care about any given Disney princess.

My Anime Buying Policy:

I only buy the animes I really like, and only if they're available for a reasonable price. If I can only find a set of 13 episodes for 40-60 bucks, like many of the Blu-rays and some DVD sets currently being sold, then there's no chance in hell I'm buying it. I'll watch it online or download it. If it's something like 30-40 bucks for 25 episodes, then sure. That's fair enough. A dollar per bit of content, plus a profit. Fine by me, just don't go overboard.

If the show just isn't available, then I'm just going to pirate it. Their fault for not selling their product where willing consumers exist. A perfect example is Hellsing Ultimate, which FUNimation dropped the license to. Guess who's downloading 5-10. :thisguy:

Dub or Sub?:

I prefer dubs for convenience, but if a dub is unfaithful to the original, has awful casting, both, or the show just isn't dubbed, then I'll watch it subbed. The problem with this is long shows like Sailor Moon that have wretched, horrible, unwatchable dubs, and are only subbed. I'll watch it, but it'll take a while.What I really hate is when a dub is Americanized or made into something for little kids. No. Just..no. Don't even get me started.

Top 10:

I honestly can't decide on just 5 shows to list. So here's my top 10.

  1. Slayers
  2. Rurouni Kenshin
  3. Highschool of the Dead
  4. Hellsing Ultimate
  5. Ranma 1/2
  6. Inuyasha
  7. Nerima Daikon Brothers
  8. Kampfer
  9. Hell Teacher Nube
  10. Yu-Gi-Oh!

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Onizenko says...

Good news! This site is compatible with my phone now! So! How you been? I'm all teary-eyed, just watched the saddest anime I've ever seen. Q_Q Kanon (2006) Bah

Dec 31, 2010
Onizenko says...

Sweet. :D Also, why did your account get suspened? Really, all of these other people using explicit language and excessive racism and they don't even get bothered. :/

You're like, one of the coolest youtubers I've met xD

So wth.

Sep 24, 2010
Onizenko says...

Not too much :3 Oh oh you should check out my vid on youtube "Fantistically Awestriking" I paired music with the theme of the animus shown. Lemme know if I did well. :D

Sep 22, 2010
Onizenko says...

Hey buddy!

Sep 20, 2010
Mattlore says...

Welcome to the community :D

Jul 15, 2010