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chii Aug 5, 2010

heh tis all good. at least i don't rage over EL as much as Clannad :P

chii Aug 5, 2010

naaa it makes perfect sense. heh at least in my rage filled post there i did point out the good among all the terrible. how people can be so pissed off after i did that is beyond me LOL

chii Aug 5, 2010

haha glad to entertain. i still get flack over this show :| WICK3D's comment is hilarious and they are in the more than the few that agree with me. You woulnd't believe the weird hate i've gotten over this XD but hey that's what happens when you hate on fanboy anime ;)

Kiyohime Jul 31, 2010

The first season's good, the second season's good, not as good as the first, but still good, and like I said the third was just repetitive. I bought them on eBay. You can watch the live action online, veoh has them... or had them. I saw them years ago, so I don't know if they're still there.

I've seen the live action version of Gokusen (loved the anime and the live), Basilisk (hated the anime, loved the live), Death Note (loved the anime, live was okay, Light wasn't cute in the live), and 3 versions of Hana Yori Dango (Japanese version, Taiwanese (my favorite version), and Korean version). I hated the anime, but I loved the live.  

Kiyohime Jul 31, 2010

Gokusen is awesome!!! I loved it enough to buy the anime version and the live action first season with my sexy Shun Oguri, Jun Matsumoto, and Nakama Yukie, and the second season were their weren't as many sexy guys... just Jin Akanishi... the third season was just repetitive so I didn't buy that one