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Kiyohime Aug 7, 2010

I'm not interested in girls, thats why I didn't point any out.

You have the live action version of Jigoku Shoujo??? Where'd you find it?? I couldn't find it anywhere =(

Kiyohime Aug 7, 2010

I would skip the Japanese version and go straight to the Taiwanese. Oddly enough, the Taiwanese did a better job of following the anime than the Japanese did. Like I said, the Japanese cut a lot out, the Taiwanese basically followed the exact anime script. And as a female, I feel it is my duty to REPEATEDLY mention how utterly cute some of the asian cast are so nyeh!

I'm trying to watch Jigokou Shoujo live action version too, but I can't find it anywhere =(

Kiyohime Aug 6, 2010

Hmm... It was only weird to me because how they changed certain things in the live action that aren't in the anime or even the manga. They always do that. Its really annoying. But I still loved it, but I hate the way they changed Yankumi's personality. She was way more abrasive in the anime and I liked it more that way.

You should watch Meteor Garden (Taiwanese version of Hana Yori Dango). Its really good, and sadly, better than the Japanese live action. You know how theirs like, 50 episodes in the anime? In the Japanese live action theirs only 12. Yeah, their like 45-60 mins long, but still. It shows how much they cut out. In the Jap version they mostly showed all the humiliation and abuse the Makino went through, the Taiwanese did like everything. Plus the guys are wayyyyyy hotter. ^_^

Also, Shun Ogiri (Uchi) and Jun Matsumoto (Shin) are in the live action of Hana Yori Dango. They play Rui and Tsukasa, the 2 main guys in F4. The anime sucked but the live was good

chii Aug 6, 2010

you may enjoy Genocyber since you love EL so much. If i think of anymore suggestions i'll let you know ^_^

chii Aug 6, 2010

too much effort to rage these days honestly. it takes a lot to get me to post those kind of rantings these days XD