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Well, obviously I'm a huge anime fan, though I'm extremely picky about wich anime I watch. If the style doesn't appeal to me, I won't watch it. If the voices make me cringe, I won't watch it, etc. etc. etc. Still, with that being said I've managed to watch a lot of anime over the years (though it's difficult to remember them all at times) I do make a few exceptions and am also huge on manga.

I write fanfiction, read fanfiction, draw (though I'm not very good), write poetry (my friends tend to enjoy a majority of my poetry) and in my spare time I watch anime and attend anime club at my school (which is enjoyable more often than not). About...75% of my friends watch anime as well and I force my elder brother into watching new anime with me. I've also got one cousin (out of like...all 60 something of them) who knows and also enjoys anime on occaission.

I'm a very big Gundam Seed fanatic, though contrary to what that may suggest, I typically dislike anime with giant fighting robots. I haven't had any urges to watch any other Gundam series, though I hear Gundam Wing is pretty good.

When I watch anime I tend to pick out my favorite characters after the first 5 episodes or else the anime begins to become a bore unless all the characters are well rounded with a decent amount of character developement. I tend to dislike characters who seem to just interfere or disrupt the anime's storyline and characters almost as though they were an insert character sent there just to agravate. This typically means females who come on to the main character after a main female or love interest has already been introduced. It just annoys me even if I dislike the main females personality. Unless the switch is completely justified (like Cagalli and Athrun in Gundam Seed)

Still, I have been known to dislike or like characters for no reason whatsoever, but hey, I'm only human. I'm strongly opinionated at times, but I'm negotiable more often than not.

Well that's it. Take care and enjoy life. Byeness~

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wolfangel87 Nov 15, 2010

Very nice profile!

Happy Birthday!!!

domoarigato12 Nov 13, 2007

hahahah.. i love your Avatar Bleach + Orihime + OMG I ROCK = best Avatar i have ever seen xD nice profile and Bio btw. =D

sothis Nov 13, 2007

Your profile rules! That's cool you set it up so quickly... and great sig! All you need now is an avatar. ^_^

TTYS! And welcome!