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Well... After a little time, I've finished two series lately... xD

Murder Princess was watched while waiting or my external hard drive to get more Nodame Cantabile...

It was a short series... Only 6 episode OVA... But with a great story, incredible art, and good action. I loved it.The only downfall, of course, was 6 episodes that weren't long enough.But, it was done by Bee Train (the studio that did all the .hack series), and it was of amazing quality.You should definitely watch it. It won't take much time, and it'll be worth it.

Here's hoping that Murder Princess gets a full fleged TV followup series!

Oh, yeah... I forgot that I watched Yotsunoha... A 2 episode "romance" OVA.One of those little cheese pop series based off a Hentai Game. >__>It had a good story... But it was way too short and rushed... And a bit too obvious of it's hentai roots. (Not explicit, but the guy is practically a pimp. xD)

A good time killer... Almost touching, but not quite... And frankly, forgettable. T__T

Lets see... I've also started up SketchBook Full Colors... It's a very slow, mildly funny series... But awesome. It's really beautiful, actually... A kind of happy peaceful series... It's a pleasure to watch. ^__^Unfortunately, I only have 4 eps of it, so it's stalled until I get the rest. -_-

Lastly, the kicker... Nodame Cantabile finished.HOLY SHIT! This, above all, has become instant favorite.I mean, like, above all else.

It was perfect... Music, love, humor... Greatest romance series of all time! (Then again, what else would you expect by something published by Kodansha?)

For those who don't know... Nodame Cantabile is a series about a boy, Chiaki, who is in a music school. After having come to Japan after living in Europe, he attends a music school to try to improve his skills so that he can go back and see his mentor in Germany.

However everyone in the school is lame compared to him, his teacher is bitchy and uninspiring, and he's starting to lose his love for music...Until he hears a strange beautiful sound of a piano...The player... Is Megumi Noda, also known as 'Nodame'.She's a strange, awkward girl... She's messy, unorganized, and even invents her own strange words...But her talent for music is incredible. Could she be the one who can spark Chiaki's love for music again?

It is a romance series... But almost second to being a Music series.The music is incredible... And the technicality at which they express it is amazing as well!So, if you're picky about the way music is played, this series won't disappoint you. They are spot on. (Believe me, I know... I watched it with a girl who was in Orchestra. She would have torn the series apart if it wasn't well done.)It also made me love classical music all over again.

It was really exciting... And so sweet too. Without a doubt my absolute favorite! ^___^

...and with that, I'm done.Unfortunately, everything else is gonna feel like a let down. xD

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Z741 Jun 6, 2008

*knock knock knock*  Oi, yet another hiatus we're on, aren't we?  =P

tiaxanderson Jun 5, 2008

0.o.. Cool you have an anime-planet account.. Nice anime list. It's me Mr. 'Andy' Anderson

And there are a lot from animeb here aren't there? 

wolflw May 30, 2008

Hardly any need to apologize for being absent, but I forgive you anyway XD

 I havent had that much time to watch lately, but I've seen Minami-ke (both seasons), Sola and Dennou coil - Loved all of them. Then I've just started Fate/Stay-Night and ef-tale of memories now, both of them seem very promesing, but I haven't seen more than a few episodes so i really can't tell yet. I'll try to see Nodame Canatabile soon if you say so, I've even heard of this mysterious "mjusikk" you mention ^__^ Sorry to say I didn't find Sketchbook very amusing, though :o

I'll try to keep up to date on your profile as well,usually a good read:)

hinarei May 27, 2008

Heyas, Ryo-sama!

Nice list you got going there.  Makes my list pale in comparison, but we knew that already :D  Thought I may as well try and ellicit a response from you on here tho ^^

wolflw May 27, 2008

Haven't seen you in a while, mate :o Seems you drop by here from time to time at least, I guess that's a good thing. 

I took the liberty to check out some of your anime list, and wow, you seem to have a great taste in it... Some of those recomendations you made really were great! I'm planing to see Fate/Stay-Night soon, just need to finish some exams :9

Hope to see more of you soon!