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I'm Ryan (yes I am a Girl) and I have been watching anime since I was in middle school, me and my best friend cant wait to come home from school everyday just so we can watch anime.  I am a big collecter in both anime and manga and I love all genres of it ~ And I'm so happy to find a site that I could keep track of all the anime and manga I've watched/read :)

I currently work at a print shop.

P.S. I'm also a hard-core video gamer! :P (Mostly RPG - feels like i'm playing an anime!)

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I'm typically a universal type of person and pretty much like anything including anime genres, I espcially love it when it has a little bit of everything, so ask me to watch it and I'll probably do it sometime or another...

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koxacie says...

Wah...thanks too for be my 1st commenter at my profile~ :3

Feb 5, 2013
Island says...

Ello :D

The snow has returned muahah :D so i'm happy again!

Kekkekeke Pink is fine :D as long as it looks good on the person I think! Blue is fun too :D

Geez you must have so many clothes ;d flower hat sounds fun :D girls get to get away with wearing so much stuff! Guys have less interesting options :D though I always wanted a prinny hat! (basically a penguin ). Yeah I don't have many white sweaters or jackets X_X there tough to find.

Ohhh Gintama is something I really want to watch, seems like I would like it! I think of all the long ones I will probably watch that one.

Hahah its ok to buy clothing your starting up a new school, that’s a perfect excuse to use :D I hate shopping too (unsurprisingly) and I buy basically everything online that I can, even clothes sometimes lately!

Yeah the ending of Uraboku really confuses me! Kinda a let down really! At least we agree :D

Minami Ke!!!! Episodes 1-5

Well so far I like it :D It's basically exactly what I'd expect from looking up the genre tags! Though just like Lucky Star! And Azumanga Daioh this kinda show isn't for everyone lol

So far I'm torn between Chiaki and Kana as my favorite characters.... At first I just liked Kana because she is a lunatic lol but Chiaki has grew on me since she tends to trick people in funny ways :D and makes everyone sad! Reminds me of “Guu” from Hare and Guu a bit! And I can't belive they tied Chiaki up! So mean haha

I'm surprised Chiaki actually gets tricked by Kana at times, its usually the other way around you'd think she be less gullible but I guess the fact that shes the youngest comes into play there. As usaul the side characters are fun! I like Kana's poor classmate that has't to deal with her constantly lol poor thing :D Though her life is amazing compared to basically every guy in the show, so many funny miss-communications because kana and Chiaski are insane lol

The older sister Harukua surprised me a bit so far, shes fun in her own way but I was expecting to have a super evil mean side! But so far shes been super nice all the time no matter what and just gets embarrassed with is cute in its own way I guess :d

Oh and Hosaka is very creepy but makes me laugh a lot, when he was talking about sweat constantly I was dying for some reason T_T

On a side-note the Fan sub team that did the subs for the show where im watching it, make up extremely perverted and funny things at the beginning of every episode and I’ve enjoyed those as well! (not sure if your watching the same versions!)

Anyway so far so good :D Hope your enjoying it ( I don't know if you like this kinda show) I'll go ahead and watch the next 5 episodes, and look forward to hearing your thoughts on the previous 5!

Yeah the new Ghost in the shell has got me terrified, for me its one of the last bastions of pure awesome left from my childhood days. This is like them making a Cowboy Bebop sequel! T_T I hope for the best

In other anime news, I really want to note that Fairy Tale is really awesome, for me its completely replaced the gap that bleach left when it stopped! Happy with it right now, the fillers are actually funny as hell which is a plus. Other than standard I haven't made much progress been reading novels instead these past few weeks, really into this story called John Gone on the kindle! Good stuff :D

Talk to you soon! And nice new icon :D shes got nothing on your hat though 

Feb 3, 2013
koxacie says...

Hi...just find that you are cute as your avatar.. >.<

Feb 2, 2013
Island says...

Below zero here now :D everyone is sooo grumpy -....- they apparently even delayed school because it was cold...not even snow! People need to toughen up >.>. I would wait on the Wii-U till e3 happens in a couple months, with the brand new consoles getting announced from Sony and Microsoft and with the Steambox you might have more options than ever :D

I finally just got a nice cable that connects my PC to my tv as 2nd monitor :D so now I can watch anime on my tv from my PC, so happy! Idk if this confuses you about cruncyroll but they always advertise there own site as commercials! Im already there X_X so weird.

Girls and there pink tsk tsk, it is cute I guess :D Speaking of coats and stuff I really want to buy a hat T_T but most hats look so lame on people hrmmmm dont know what type to get :D Yah FMA is something I WILL get to one day, but probably not anytime soon, with how many other things I got to watch >.<

I've been good since last I typed, no major purchases :D thats good for my wallet lol. That sounds like an awesome glove X_X so Christmasy! Well I would never prank you like that but I know a lot of people that would so do that to me lol. Totally going to make cinnamon buns soon, I slacked last week _>_ just lazy and so many presentations at school =( lol but like I said no homework so i've had time to spare.

Good thing too because we had to basically re-concrete our basement, cost us a ton and made a mess! Lots of annoying labor and jackhammer sounds make it hard to watch anime t-t but at least that’s finally over with!

So I finished Uraboku, and grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr so much to say! Idk if your done yet but im going to complain about the ending so cover your ears with those fancy gloves if you haven’t finished it yet!

--spoiler warning-- (>^_^<)....”Cover dem Ears!”

WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT! I actually had high hopes for the conclusion of the series, there was some interesting plot points that I thought they would surely touch on. Giou Reiga's entire backstory which they spent basically 2 episodes showing was not touched at all, we are just left with more questions. First of all what happened at the village, he simply claimed Takashiro was too late getting back. We don't see the betrayal, we can only speculate as to what caused him to randomly attack to village or if even it WAS him in the first place. I mean sure it seemed like he was losing hope but at no point in the flashback did he act at all in a way that was mentally unstable, things seemed to be getting better...leading at least me to believe there was a misunderstanding.

Reiga's plan makes little sense, we still don't really know why he needed yuki...as far as I know it was only to “lure” them out. But the episode before he did that he basically had everyone defeated out in the open with Takashiro sick in bed...if he grand evil plan was to kidnap Yuki so that he could kill everyone else he could of done it there. I was expecting some kinda giant device or magic circle using Yuki's power to do something...but instead we...don’t really get any information unless I forgot something... Honestly seems like Reiga is going out of his way to not win, perhaps that’s part of his plan... idk!

Yuki has zero character development in the series! Really the only two that have any at all are Hotsoma, and to a much greater extent Luka who not only changed the way he looks at the other guardians but starts to open up, plus we get a bit of info about his family and the fact that the demon chick likes him. Takashiro and Reiga might have some minor developments but that would only come to the surface had the series actually decided to have an ending as it stands (which as far as I know there is no plans for more manga or another series) those two remain hating each-other even if each seem to have a tiny bit of regret due to Yukis flashlight of hope lol

And the elephant in the room is obviously the fact that there is no ending, not one character is killed expect for useless demon twin guy that no one cared about. All the other demons teleport back to the demon world, and Reiga escapes to plot again another day(maybe?)! Takashiro who spent the last half other series preparing himself for a sacrifice is perfectly fine! Yuki is still clueless about everyones feelings and everyone is back to normal.

Well at least the battle scenes were ok and decently animated :D and sodom is somewhat entertaining! (even if completely useless in battle; until he turns into a giant dragon( which woulda been useful earlier....when yuki was in danger but whatever sodom is still not a bad character!)

All and all I don't hate the series as surprising as it is, the side characters (ignoring the occasional cringe worthy scene) were pretty fun and it was only 20 something episodes so my complaints and faults didn't have time to stack up like they do with other series. Overal if I had to review it I would give it a 2.5 / 5 which I think is fair lol.


Sorry for the rant! Look forward to hearing your thoughts...hopefully in the future we'll have more discussion within the series, we kinda got out of snyc with this one! lol

---- SPOILERS OVER -----

Still thinking about what series we should watch as our first funneh one :D Minami-ke, Great Teacher Onizuka or Ouran High School Host Club are my ideas right now! But I might have more soon but let me know what you think about those ones :D or if you've seen them already (lets avoid rewatch for now so we can both suffer together if its bad :D)

In anime news I AM TERRIFIED FOR MY CHILDHOOLD! They are making another ghost in the shell which scares me to death!! Called Ghost in the Shell: Arise and its coming out in 2013 T__T. Its my favorite thing ever but it don't see any familiar names on the Director and Story list..... and worst of all the music is being done by someone different as well! T__T THE GITS music is the best ever >.< I hope its good, my childhood shows can only take so much!

Otherwise I didn't watch much cept the normals, been doing a lot of cleanup :D Going to sink my teeth into Legend of Galatic Heros soon though.

Rwar! Welp thats about it I think :D Hope your school is going well, talk to you soon : D!

Jan 21, 2013
Island says...

The snow went away already T_T the climate is so weird these days! I want more snow haha Glad to here you had a good time, I was alone this new years, almost forgot it was 12 :D which is an improvement over last time in which I slept through it completely. I think I was playing a game haha I miss fireworks, I haven't done in any in a long time; there so fun we used to play harry potter duels with roman candles ( as lame and dangerous as it sounds lol)

Yeah I here last story is really good, Its the one game I want to play on the wii, though maybe i'll eventually get it on the wii U or maybe it will come to playstation >.< Hopefully they have a Japanese sub version of last story :D

Hulu is great! I used to have issues with it as well, but lately its been fine; I like when they let you watch a trailer and then hae no more ads! Crunchyroll has been really great for me lately, it works a ton better than I remember it working....i almost want to subscribe :D if I had money maybe >.>

FMA I tried watching for awhile I think, but I don't like the little whiny kid in the armor suit that much :D he ruins the show for me!! though it was a long time ago so I might like it better now... I always like to watch the original first so i'll definitely watch it in order!

Haha a red coat :d I bet that looks cool on you ;d I need to get more colored clothing I think, I have so much black stuff! Since the holidays, I've bought myself a bunch of stuff haha: loose-leaf tea,kindle cover, Sherlock homes novels and Anarcy reigns the video game ( kinda like bayonetta but it looks like you can play with other people!) I need to buy some gloves I think and i'll be done buying for awhile....but its so hard to find gloves that are comfy T_T

I'll take your word on corn beef :D lol Actually I used to be the same about coffee and tea, but I've slowly gone towards less and less sugar and now I can actually tell the difference between types >.< lol but every-now and then I like sugar coffee ( like right now ^-^) I kinda feel bad that you can't enjoy the pepper but at you like other stuffs! Watch out for evil pranks lol your an easy target!

Meh the pizza experiment went pretty well overall! We made like 5 pizza's and I manged to destroy one in the oven while it was cooking >.> but besides that it was amazing! Its really hard to control myself when putting the sauce and toppings on...there really isn't a lot of sauce on pizza when you make it right! Ours was light and yummy :D Next up some kinda breakfast food idk! Maybe cinnamon buns!

Its so funny how Uraboku is completely normal for a couple minutes and then just veers off in Shouen-Ai diretions as if to remind the watcher lol. Its grew on me a bit more! I made it up to episode 16! Since I figured you'd of watched ahead again since I took forever to respond >...>. We can finish it though if you haven't already before you go back to school on the 14th :D and start things off with a funneh one!

I want to strangle Yuki I think, everyone else is interesting except for him! And I don't even feel bad for him either haha. They say he gets hurt when he heals but it doesn't show >.> they could made that really interesting! The guy with the hat is cool I wish he did more :D I'm a bit interested in whats going on and things make a bit more sense now after Ep.15ish but the plot seems kinda confused on what it wants to be sometimes! Though I will say its much better than I thought after the first few episodes. I wonder if yuki will get a weapon everyone else seems to have one! He better do something useful before the end or he might pass the kid from claymore on the scale of useless main characters in anime! The conclusion looks like its going to be interesting though! We'll see soon!

We will set the episodes limit to 5 from now on(after Uraboku) so we will always know where each-other is :D Yeah its going to be hard to pick a funny one, but I’ll try my best!! We both liked Full metal panic! Season 2 so maybe we like similar funny stuff!

Well it seems my brothers have decided to watch it on there own and there way ahead of me, so maybe we can watch fate together sometimes soon >.> its amazing so far like I said so i'm sure you'll like it! I think the music is so good lol

Anime news is not very much from me, my brother stayed a bit longer than I thought he would and there's been a bunch of crap to take care off around the house T_T and tons of school stuff! Seems this semester is very presentation and speech based...oh joy -...- . But the plus side is that means minimal homework! So I should have decent time . But! I did watch some of legend of galactic hero’s, which starts out with the best car crash ever lol Empty roads and tons of snow, no cars anywhere kids are walking ahead of there parents and then they trip....and out of no where this car that would of seen the kids from 1 mile away since there’s no one else on the road and there’s no turns goes 2343423 miles an hour and spins off hitting the mother....then it slides into a house and explodes(for no reason) Even though it sounds terrible it was soooooo funny the way it was presented T_T(i might be a horrible person lol) but yeah anyway! Watching that and naruto/fariy tale and Uraboku! On a side rant about naurto, this last filler arc has freaking amazing animation....and now that its over there going back to there standard quality of terrible and lazy animation -....- I don't understand!!!

Looks like I'll have to watch “K” :D I don't know how you can rewatch so many things! It takes me like a year at least before I can even attempt to rewatch something >.> and even then I rarely get threw it again! Though theres a couple like cowboy bebop that I have :D

Your insane for starting naruto over!! though I did the same thing awhile ago....theres like 60 episodes of filler in a row at some point in the first series! Prepare yourself!!! Though I never mind filler...so much in a row and you can tell that its basically just fluff T_T specially when stuff happens that you know wont have an effect on the main story line!! grrr makes me mad :d thats why I like to remain ignorant of the magna story lol But its a bit late for that on naruto for me ;D Bleach from the very beginning is a bit less insane though since I think the first couple arcs are way way way better than the last couple :D its almost better that way! You can ride the train all the way down the hill ^^ Don't get me wrong though I do like both series lol :D

I hope all goes well at your first couple days of school :D good luck! Though you'll probably reply before then since your so good at that ( unlike me ) &_&

Talk to you soon!

Jan 12, 2013