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I'm Ryan (yes I am a Girl) and I have been watching anime since I was in middle school, me and my best friend cant wait to come home from school everyday just so we can watch anime.  I am a big collecter in both anime and manga and I love all genres of it ~ And I'm so happy to find a site that I could keep track of all the anime and manga I've watched/read :)

I'm the Lead Customer Service Rep. at a local print shop, I have been working for 3 years now.

P.S. I'm also a hard-core video gamer! :P (Mostly RPG - feels like i'm playing an anime!)

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I'm typically a universal type of person and pretty much like anything including anime genres, I espcially love it when it has a little bit of everything, so ask me to watch it and I'll probably do it sometime or another...

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Island Apr 5, 2013

Ello buddeh :D

agggh tons of internet issues this week! And my younger brother visited again with friends in tow, so we been playing tons of board games and stuff :D (Drunken Monopoly and Dominion FTW! Lol everyone cheats T__T)

Tsk tsk cheating ( i'm guilty as well lol ) Hmmm yes! Ni no Kuni is apparently very good, I will play that soon I think :D it has some pokemon stuff going on kinda right? You making good progress so far? :d I herd it was pretty easy but still fun!

I've been playing tons of Dota 2 and I started to play a older game called Odin Sphere (another game that has amaaaazing art :D) You might like that game too, its a side scroller JRPG ^_^

Episodes 10-13

Hiroko's first time on screen I think X_X she was a terrible observer but a fun instigator o.0 maybe we'll see her in season 3 :D ( unless I just don’t remember her from earlier!

Ha! I complain about Keiko and Riko never coming over and it happens :D I can't belive that Kana was stupid enough to put peppers in the bathtub! haha ( I don't think Keiko would get into that anyway :D ) worked out perfectly!

The grouping of Uchida,Maki and Kana is way too much stupid in one room! Also its funny that Maki always gets beat by Chiaki even though shes in HS! :D

Chiaki with Kana's hair looks kinda cool and I was almost sad at the end of episode 13 when they played the outro over the anime like they always do at the end of a series! BUT THERE IS MORE SO NO SAD!


I like how Hosaka is like Chiakis grocery store role model! I'm sad she didn't sing another song though!

I think there’s been 3 V-time episodes in this show, always good ones ….hmm this OVA was ok but just seemed like another episode! Not really “special” which is a good thing I guess :D Cause some OVAs suck!

OVA: Omatase

All the Halloween outfits are awesome :d I love Kana's hat! Makes me miss good ole Halloween nights >.<! Do you has any cool Halloween stories?

Drunk Minami family :D I laughed when Chiaki hid behind kana -...- (BLIND SPOT!!)

hmmm Hitomi looked more cute and soft in this episode IDK which version I like better :D Whoot another Hosaka song!

This OVA was great, seemed like the art was better and was a really good ep.

Hmmm ok! I guess we can watch first 5 of season 3 next! Damn I shouldn't of given you a choice, I don't like too pick :D oh well! Hmmm.... I really want to watch Gintama but maybe too long for something like this? Variety is always fun! Maybe when we both have a break from school we can blast through that! Sadly I've seen Zombie-Loan (woulda been Perfect! its kinda funny and fail at the same time)... I actually watched some of the live action Nodame Cantabile with a friend...never did finish it and I don't think I was near the end and Idk if anime is different so that might be fun to watch! ( we can even watch the Live-action version if you wanted) So from those choices I would have to go with Nodame... but if you get anymore ideas let me know :D All are great shows!

Nothing new in other anime news, i'm looking for a replacement for Fairy Tail while its on extended break... maybe time to catch up on Phi Brain! (or attempt to)

Sucks that you was sick! I've had tons of those infections as well (they hurttt) hope you recovered well!

rwarwarwar till next time!

Island Mar 24, 2013

Ello again >.< took awhile this time ;D Sucks that I was so busy during your spring break we coulda got a lot done!

I did good on my finals and final presentations!(I thought i was done the previous week but nooo) I forgot about a big one and stressed last week getting it done :D But now all over and 1 week of no work! But last week was draining T__T You was able to sit next to your friends eh? Cheat cheat cheater :D !I don't get much of a spring break! Only 4 days which starts this thurs...

I think I will buy a kotatsu...but your right I should wait till next year :D Hopefully I wont forget >.< remind me! :d

Minami-Ke: Okaeri episodes 5-10

So for sure i'm loving s3 artstyle the best! Which group of friends do you like the best so far? (elementary,middle or high-school friends?) I think I like the elementary school ones the best...though touma is basically family now so idk if she counts lol

I like how everyone falls asleep on the floor in this show -.- I haven’t done that in forever, I need thicker carpet lol I wonder where they get the money from to stay at that house lol I mean none of them work and they seem to have a nice place o.o maybe I missed some info drop :D

I really thought Mako-chan was going to be uncovered! But chiaki remains so clueless...though she would probably hurt him if she ever finds out lol Specially since Kana's “help” constantly makes things ever worse lol

Did you have to do many three-legged races? We used to do those all the time, so painful but fun!! They would always put short people with tall people -...- haha good times

I liked the mini-episode with the mugs! I liked harukas mug and I didnt get why maki told her not to buy it the first time X_X lol

Everyone is so funny this season....Maki is becoming more evil! She is turning into kana...

Astsuko should be on screen more shes adorable lol poor girl didn't know that touma was a girl but let her sleep on her breast anyway -..- lol And she maybe likes hosaka too but shes quiet lol

Speaking of non-represented characters poor Keiko rarely comes home with kana...i think she should! Shes decently fleshed out! Oh well she prboably wants to avoid her lol she seems kinda lonely though!

Fujioka must live a confusing life lol I would love to see an entire episode from his perspective lol he gets the wrong impression about EVERYTHING!

My favorite episode from this bunch is the last one with Natski following advice and smiling lol I laughed so hard when he went over started smiling and roaring X_X

I guess now we can watch the rest of this season (3 episodes) and then Betsubara which is only 1 episode and Omatase which is also 1 epsiode, and it looks like the new season isn't even finished airing yet! Should we put that on hold and start something else till its done and come back and watch it after we watch something else? You decide :D (( its your pick for next show anyway kekekek)

Alright so other than that madness, anime news nothing major! But been watching tons of Galatic Heros and Naruto,Fairy Tail... started rewatching GITS as well... ( I think i'll watch the final movie this time since i've never seen it)

Hope you had a great spring break :D pool maybe? Idk whatever you middlecoast people do during spring break ^^

Till next time!

Island Mar 10, 2013

* pokeeee* hihi :D

I hope you did good on your terms :D I did pretty well! Which is a relief...only a couple more to go! My penny's thing went well...I tossed so many on floor at the start for fun and it scared some people ^_^

I looked up kotatsu prices and there like 500-700 dollars, but I think I found a cheaper one that doesn’t come with the blanket for like 100.... im considering it!. Would be so coooool :D  I could.... always make my own! ( and burn my hosue down in the process probably T_T)

Minami-ke 1-5 :D

I like this art style I think, no complaints really :D which is good! Fujioka and Kana (specially with her hair down!!) look cooool :D

New intro is decent I guess, I miss the S2 intro though..... The entire episode format is different now :D seems like there’s 3 segments per episode which is kinda cool (since I usually watch full outro and intro anyway) Outro is decent, and since there tons after it we are kinda forced to watch it anyway :d so good thing its catchy! Overal no complaints here and I think the overall style of the show is more like the first season which is good for me :D

Really like the interactions between Chiaki and Touma in this bunch of episodes :d so adorable! Touma and her brothers seem to appear more often which is good I think.

I laughed a lot during cup Yakisoba Phenomenon episode lol was good! And the Nurse and Uncle guy are so weird they should get together!.. speaking of which I want to try those noodles :D

Devil Haruka and angel chiaki are funneh :d I hope they show up again but I don’t think so... I liked Haruka better :D

I think the curry fairy episode was my favorite from this bunch.... First hosaka makes me laugh and then adorable Chiaki singing the song made it awesome!! (“cori-cori-coriander”)

I think Natsuki and Harkua would make a good couple :D to bad Natsuki has terrible luck.... also Hitomi the 2nd banshou looks so cool X__X shes like a super hero and her voice rocks :D I hope she shows up more I don't really remember her much from before!

Also last episodes pool made me wish I had a pool in any of my schools =( and now that I think about it we never had to do chores or clean up either, Japanese school is fun :D

Overal S3 so far is great so far!

Hmm hmm in anime news I hear Fairy Tale anime might end X_X makes me sad, I hope its just a rumor! I just watched normal stuffs again >.< been playing a ton of DOTA 2 with my brothers lately :D Just watching a ton of Legend of Galactic Heroes as well, liking it even if its a bit hard to follow sometimes!

Lost my message twice trying to post this T__T damn you comment system :D Forgot what I wrote here last time =((

Talk to you soon :D 

Island Mar 2, 2013

Dundundundun! Hih!

Oh pink cat pajamas huh... hmm I should get pink panther pajamas I think I liked that show o.o! Haha I should really get rid of my stuffed animals -.- but I guess im sorta attached to them even though they sit in the corners of my room :D I actually used to collect miniatures for awhile but I guess I got lazy :D didn't want to paint them anymore! Muaha more money for video games and food ;D

I hope school is going well for you, test should be soon no? I've been slammed this past week :D so many freaking presentations! Monday I talk about why we should remove the penny :D should be fun I suppose...

Minami-ke Okawari done with :D So funny, I laugh often as well! Yah the ending hasn't stuck with me, I don't really remember what it is but I think theres scenes after the ending song now -.- cause on the last episode it shows Hosaka on the plane like a stupid head ;DD I wonder what funny stuff I missed from not watching through >.<

Episodes 8-13!

Chiaki is so adoreable :D can't even swim! And is embarrassed about it tsktsk. The entire swim episode was so good! I think my favorite this episode set! I also like how Hosaka apparently works at every place T_T and hes actually good at everything he does too! Lol

Poor yuka is always getting picked on :D when Chiaki launched her into the pool like a missile made me laugh! I think kana will corrupt her into a clone of herself by the end :D Team Baka is the best!

Touma's situation is funny casue everyone knows but Fujioka but he always gets involved with mako-chan and makes everything worse for both of them :D Second episode when Mako-chan was getting grilled by Yoshino I was laughing pretty hard cause she looked so scary X_X just staring right at him lol

Speaking of 2nd episode I forgot that plain yogart even was in the show :D poor guy.. or was he a girl I dont even remember :D so forgettable!

Maki also a member of team BAKA is funny a lot during these episodes too T_T mostly with kana invovled so many people in this show are clueless!

Lol one of my favorite characters Hayami showed up a bunch again so im happy about that, she even somehow tricked everyone into getting drunk again -..- even Haruka!! they should know better lol

Last couple episodes are kinda sad, looks like that new kid is already gone T_T I hope they replace him with someone :D He was ok, sad not to see him change much! Won't miss him thaat much. Also I bet kana never cleans anything again the entire series now that Haruka is staying for sure lol I was kinda hoping they would all travel together overseas, but I didn't think it would happen!

Watching anime like this makes me want to take up drawing again >.<!! I also really want to buy a Kotatsu ( that heated table they always sleep/eat at) They looks soooo commmfy I should buy one :D *Goes to look up prices *

So umm whats next is it the 3rd season or the OVAs T_T so confused with these :D ( Nevermind I looked it up http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=rel&aid=4309 )

So we watch Minami-ke Okaeri next!! First 5 episodes? ^-^ PREPARE FOR ART STYLE CHANGE AGAIN :D


Not much in the way of other animes >.< slacking off a lot! Your much better at getting stuff watched than me :D I did finish the OVAs for Prince OF tennis that I missed ( I actually really like that show! ) and thats about it :D besides fairy tail and naruto!

I will try to watch the next 5 soon!

Have a good weekend if I don't respond before sunday is over :d ( make sure to over-eat and fall asleep under a table like kana!)

Island Feb 24, 2013

Elllo ^-^

Tsk tsk so many shoes :D That's more than I've had my entire life! Yay girls always get to share clothing and stuff -...- so unfair! At least you always have matching shoes!

Speaking of crazy clothing, im not a big fan of professional wear -...- I don't mind how it looks so much I guess but its not commfy! Dress slacks and buttons up are way too warm T_T And don't get me started on suits!! Grr haha

I have soooo many pajama pants its crazy lol people always used to buy them for me ( I guess they didnt have any ideas !) so I get to wear a different one everyday lol

I'm so obsessed with all the stuff I like :D NO SHAME!!! Though admittedly sometimes I wish I picked a cheaper hobby! (but there are more pricy ones... like minatures )

I'm glad we are both liking the show so far :D This has been a success! The new songs are growing on me, well at least the intro is... kana looks cool now :D and Haruka looks so airheaded :DD

Minami-Ke: Okawari 3-7

So far Kana has really been on fire this season, with more annoying tactics than ever! Shes relentless >.< Poor Chiaki is falling for her tricks more often this season lol Though she gets to hit Kana more often because of it.

Haruka is more evil now :D They are terrified of her haha :D Though honestly less stuff from her friends these 5 episodes...kinda missed them! Need more Hosaka

Speaking of Hosaka he does so much work but never even TRYs to talk to Haruka lol I wonder how she would react lol maybe we'll see soon!

What happens to the brothers next door X_X they weren’t involved really in these episodes! I like Yuka ( the girl with red hair in elementary school) shes so clueless and Chiaki is mean to her and kana tricks her a lot but shes fun :D and friendly!

I think the Valentine's episode was my favorite! Kana's scene at the end with Fujioka was pretty cute :D even though kana is so evil for stealing so much candy that episode lol. Makes me wish more people put effort into things like that...I don't think ive known anyone to do something cool like make chocolate

Fuyuki is a good addition lol I like that Chiaki see's right through him and treats him kinda mean :d there snowball fight was cute as well. I wonder if he will slowly get a backbone (probably not)

^_^ Im sure you'll pick something awesome, if not we get to make fun of it! So its Win – Win!

Anime News:

Normal stuff, making headway into Legend of Galactic Heroes...but its so long heh! Finished some books up so more free time for anime this week :D. I saw the new Fairy Tail movie and it sucked ;D other than that not much!! Yeah those candy hearts suck :D Glady ou had a good time!

Glad you like the avi :D it matches me I think...i use him a lot! (yeah its from mushi-shi).

Bye byee :D