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I'm Ryan (yes I am a Girl) and I have been watching anime since I was in middle school, me and my best friend cant wait to come home from school everyday just so we can watch anime.  I am a big collecter in both anime and manga and I love all genres of it ~ And I'm so happy to find a site that I could keep track of all the anime and manga I've watched/read :)

I'm the Lead Customer Service Rep. at a local print shop, I have been working for 3 years now.

P.S. I'm also a hard-core video gamer! :P (Mostly RPG - feels like i'm playing an anime!)

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I'm typically a universal type of person and pretty much like anything including anime genres, I espcially love it when it has a little bit of everything, so ask me to watch it and I'll probably do it sometime or another...

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PurpleCatAngel Oct 10, 2013

Hey there. How are you?

sothis Sep 30, 2013

Hello! Just leaving comments for folks who used to have twitter accounts linked to let you know about the new/much better version of the feature: http://www.anime-planet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=197818

We had to remove all previous twitter setups to activate the feature, so you may have noticed a 'lost twitter badge'. To re-set it up, just go to 'edit profile' and use the new 'sign in with twitter' button. Once you do, you can also opt-in (it's opt-out by default!) to automatically tweet when you do stuff on the site, like mark anime or add recommendations. If you just 'sign in' without opting in to any settings, it'll be just like before, and your feed will once again show on your profile homepage :)

Island Sep 30, 2013

:D Ello buddy!

I watched some Paris-Hen(1-7), as well . I’m glad that unlike most anime the romance seems to be progressing somewhere even if a bit fast, though I think there was a decent amount of buildup in the first seasons.

I like the supporting cast this season but I’m starting the feel the “chiaki” can do no wrong vibe, kinda like prince of tennis lol. Its not a bad thing but I guess things just always work out for him, almost no setbacks! I hope this other piano girl becomes a rival of Nodame! :DD

Yeah I’ve actually been skipping the opening for this show, something I usually don’t do. Most of the time I’m crazy and watch the entire opening and closing haha Ending is pretty good though.

Yeah I figured thats what we should do…. hmm which series to watch next i’ll list some I haven't seen and you can halp narrow it down….what you in the mood for?

Durarara, Genshiken, Great Teacher Onizuka, Gunslinger Girl, Madoka Magic, Mirai Nikki, Nadia: secret of BLue water, Ouran HIgh school host club, Pandora Hearts, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Read or Die, Toradora!, Witchblade, Zero no Tsukamia,  Love hina, STrike witches, too toss out a few… I kinda want something fun but any genre will do I think.

Tsk tsk girls with long nails are scary X_X they are lethal weapons! So I hope you bite them off ;D

It’s funny how growing up feels basically no different year to year! Oh wow those are pretty good presents :D Persona 4 is awesome, its super long though! (specially if you want the “true good ending” ). I haven’t got my 3DS XL yet…. I WAS going to wait for the next version of the 3ds but then nintendo makes stupid 2ds that looks silly so i’ll probably just get a 3ds >.<.  

I’m starting almost done with Tales of Graces F ( had to start over =/ ) Xillia soon, it looks so fun :D  I might get pokemon again since their is a new one coming out I haven't messed with that in ages :D but idk!

Game wise for me I’ve been totally addicted to playing DOTA 2 on the PC >.< like it sucked all my anime and movie time away ( like almost 30 hours one week lol )! So I think i’m taking a break this week so I can watch some stuff and play other games haha.. I also managed to beat Faster than Light at some point in the last couple weeks so thats another game off the list :D  I really want to replay some classics but I got all these good news ones to get through first ugh! I guess its better than being bored :D

I’m starting my last semester of classes before externship this morning *gulp* but I get to take a 2 week vacation before I start my externship…. not sure where I want to go!! any ideas? :D

I think I don’t like business so much, might be a bit dull for me… I’m thinking production or something could be fun…. maybe i’ll give that a whirl if I go for anymore school.

I hope your classes are going well still, you should share your art (especially if its bad XD) I wanna seee!

Oh geez sucks that you were stuck on the couch (hopefully you have reclaimed the comfy bed? ) I remember back in Virginia when I had roommates we would rotate  1 person in bed, 1 on couch and 1 on the floor and we did that for a good year hahah was not fun!

Working at a game store must be fun, discounted games! Now if only they sold anime as well :D then you would have no money. lol I can’t believe people attend the midnight release for Call oF Duty its not like they don’t know how it plays! T_T  Though I am guilty of going to at least one of the MIdnight World Of Warcraft expansion release nights haha…..considering checking out the PS4 launch for fun.

Anime wise:

Still slowly chugging through Legend of Galactic Heroes and keeping up with Naruto(is pretty badass right now) and RWBY ( so mad at the short episodes but i think its a fun little show! )

I wasn’t a fan of the Persona 4 anime personally, It felt a bit weird and slow at times. I wish they woulda did a spin off and just did a comedy with the cast from persona 4 instead lol the game is basically an anime already!


Oh? You has tumblr :D link? ^^  I should do reviews, maybe i’ll start that this semester as well… OH! you changed your avatar thingie again… I will as well :D

We are terrible lately, I added this to my google calendar so It will remind me at least once a week so I can’t have anymore excuses :D  We should add each other on other stuffs so we can poke at each other when we forget.

Your life story is fun! I already know mine, yours is more interesting to me :DD

Hmm I said some things here i think i’ll reply sometime this week with more stuffs after finishing up paris hen &_&

Talk to you soon!

Island Aug 3, 2013

Ello <3 everything always gets erased for you :D I somehow forgot to reply -...- whoops! :D I was thinking “hay why hasn’t my buddy responded to-- oh she did T_T”

haha I always spend way too much money when I get employee discounts T_T. I can't work for any hobby shops lol I will go broke :D Speaking of going broke I've been obsessed with board games these past couple weeks, bought a ton of stuff ( settlers of Catan, Munchkin, dominion and others) they are so much fun! :D Hard to convince people to play them these days though... people stop learning board games after monopoly for some reason! But people come around once they learn!!

I decided to just go to episode 23, i'm a terrible person I know :D

Nodame Cantabile 15-23:-------------

I always know that I like a show when I don't mind the extra stuff, they could take the music out and I would still watch it haha but the music just makes it fun :D

I liked how Chiaki has this super pro orchestra but can still grab a violin and play better than them :D I wonder if he will actually run into people that give him a challenge...

I think I still liked some of the performances from 10-15 better but these were great as well. I think its funny that of all people to get a g/f its Ryutaro ;d and his farther is cool! I wish I had a noodle-shop friend T_T “RISING STAR” so getting its named changed, I wonder what it will be!

Haha everyone just assumed they are together, I wonder if this show will let Chiaki and nodame be together in the end... doubtful!

All and all season 1 was awesome, shall be move onto first 5 episodes of Nodame Cantabile: Paris or should we watch something a bit different in-between?


Yeah NHK is certainly “unique” haha. But sadly what? You must watch game of thrones :D do you need linkz? Hmm I've never seen lost, I herd it was good but people hated the ending so I haven’t started it..might watch it since I’m all caught up on Game of thrones... I suck at TV, im watching Newsroom and thats about it right now :D I can't stand reality TV though i'll admit to watching Celebrity apprentice cause Penn Jillette was on there once lol

Anime stuffs:

Started Attack on Titan, its awesome :D can't wait to catch up to everyone... and I'm still chugging along slowly watching Legend of Galactic Heroes and keeping up with Naruto (starting to get good again...) OH! And i've been watching the super short anime called “ RWBY “ by rooster teeth, its made by monty um who I love :D (hes like the god of anime fight choreography) the episodes are only like 6 mins but I think you'd like it! I loved Hellsing when I watched it though not sure how much i'd like it now.... and good luck with one Piece...waaay too long to watch for me lol I havent tried blood lad, maybe i'll give it a look :d

I have yet to watch Sword Art online, maybe its time lol I hear its awesome :D I kinda wanted to finish .hack stuff before watching that but .hack can be kinda slow to watch...

Ni no Kuni has good music so far, its fun :D glad you liked it! Been playing shadowrun for the PC for myself ;d

I might have to get a 3ds it sounds like the games are pretty awesome... if only they had more vita games I liked lol *stares at vita with dust on it * = (

I hope you've been well! Lets get back in the groove, month is too long >.<! :D

youkais Jul 5, 2013

Hello, I just got here because a blog entry of you.

I see you have seen a lot and a bit of everything!