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I'm Ryan (yes I am a Girl) and I have been watching anime since I was in middle school, me and my best friend cant wait to come home from school everyday just so we can watch anime.  I am a big collecter in both anime and manga and I love all genres of it ~ And I'm so happy to find a site that I could keep track of all the anime and manga I've watched/read :)

I'm the Lead Customer Service Rep. at a local print shop, I have been working for a year now.

P.S. I'm also a hard-core video gamer! :P (Mostly RPG - feels like i'm playing an anime!)

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I'm typically a universal type of person and pretty much like anything including anime genres, I espcially love it when it has a little bit of everything, so ask me to watch it and I'll probably do it sometime or another...

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Island says...

Ello <3 everything always gets erased for you :D I somehow forgot to reply -...- whoops! :D I was thinking “hay why hasn’t my buddy responded to-- oh she did T_T”

haha I always spend way too much money when I get employee discounts T_T. I can't work for any hobby shops lol I will go broke :D Speaking of going broke I've been obsessed with board games these past couple weeks, bought a ton of stuff ( settlers of Catan, Munchkin, dominion and others) they are so much fun! :D Hard to convince people to play them these days though... people stop learning board games after monopoly for some reason! But people come around once they learn!!

I decided to just go to episode 23, i'm a terrible person I know :D

Nodame Cantabile 15-23:-------------

I always know that I like a show when I don't mind the extra stuff, they could take the music out and I would still watch it haha but the music just makes it fun :D

I liked how Chiaki has this super pro orchestra but can still grab a violin and play better than them :D I wonder if he will actually run into people that give him a challenge...

I think I still liked some of the performances from 10-15 better but these were great as well. I think its funny that of all people to get a g/f its Ryutaro ;d and his farther is cool! I wish I had a noodle-shop friend T_T “RISING STAR” so getting its named changed, I wonder what it will be!

Haha everyone just assumed they are together, I wonder if this show will let Chiaki and nodame be together in the end... doubtful!

All and all season 1 was awesome, shall be move onto first 5 episodes of Nodame Cantabile: Paris or should we watch something a bit different in-between?


Yeah NHK is certainly “unique” haha. But sadly what? You must watch game of thrones :D do you need linkz? Hmm I've never seen lost, I herd it was good but people hated the ending so I haven’t started it..might watch it since I’m all caught up on Game of thrones... I suck at TV, im watching Newsroom and thats about it right now :D I can't stand reality TV though i'll admit to watching Celebrity apprentice cause Penn Jillette was on there once lol

Anime stuffs:

Started Attack on Titan, its awesome :D can't wait to catch up to everyone... and I'm still chugging along slowly watching Legend of Galactic Heroes and keeping up with Naruto (starting to get good again...) OH! And i've been watching the super short anime called “ RWBY “ by rooster teeth, its made by monty um who I love :D (hes like the god of anime fight choreography) the episodes are only like 6 mins but I think you'd like it! I loved Hellsing when I watched it though not sure how much i'd like it now.... and good luck with one Piece...waaay too long to watch for me lol I havent tried blood lad, maybe i'll give it a look :d

I have yet to watch Sword Art online, maybe its time lol I hear its awesome :D I kinda wanted to finish .hack stuff before watching that but .hack can be kinda slow to watch...

Ni no Kuni has good music so far, its fun :D glad you liked it! Been playing shadowrun for the PC for myself ;d

I might have to get a 3ds it sounds like the games are pretty awesome... if only they had more vita games I liked lol *stares at vita with dust on it * = (

I hope you've been well! Lets get back in the groove, month is too long >.<! :D

Aug 3, 2013
youkais says...

Hello, I just got here because a blog entry of you.

I see you have seen a lot and a bit of everything!

Jul 5, 2013
Island says...

Rawr!! Hihi :DOhh you got a job X_X thats scary :D are you doing good?(or do you break everything like Nodame <3) My classes are done for a couple days as well I’m enjoying not having to do anything :D Oh moving out will be fun then you have more spaceee :D Would you stay near your home still or another place?

I watched up to 15 :D Got in a marathon mode last night and got carried away x.x whoops!

I also loved the costume Orchestra it was pretty fun, this show is making me remember how much I like this kind of music. The reporter guy thats a big fan of Chiaki really cracks me up :D and I like the maki-girl(classmate) as well shes always energetic :d I wonder if Nodame will ever learn how to read music

Miki Kiyora (the concertmaster chick) is pretty awesome, I hope she ends up with someone :D

The episode at chiaki's parents house was nice, Nodame fixed all their problems! (and casued like 3423432 dollars in damages lol) She will be a terrible teacher! Stresemann is great he just does whatever he wants and poor elise has to follow him around the world and drag him to each preformance.

Can't wait to watch the rest :D go ahead and watch up to episode 20 i guess ^_^---

Oh I like Welcome to the NHK its strange but fun! I haven't watched "attack on Titan" yet but it seems pretty good I should give it a try. I watched game of thrones( I know its not anime but still) season 1 and it was good :D(and sad =( ) and watched more Kino no tabi! which is as relaxing as ever... I plan to watch the new Ghost in the Shell movie that just came out but im scared :D what if it sucks!

Muahaha now we can be back on track :D

I'm doing well! Enjoying my 2 weeks off... not going on vacation or anything just relaxing and getting stuff done! Lots to watch and play! and money to spend on food :D We had another flood in our basement but it wasn't that bad to deal with! (running buckets like the 18th century lol)

Talk to you soon!

Jun 29, 2013
FFAith says...

Hey, I don't know if you remember me but we used to talk long time ago because i do have good memory, but I just delete my commets so yeah.... anyways just trying to find the people who I used to talk to and such. Hello btw :) !

Jun 17, 2013
Island says...

Long time no talk X_X school making you busybusy?

Anywayyyy i'll toss my thoughts on first 5 episodes of Nodame here before i forget :D

Episodes 1-5

It's so strange seeing the first couple episodes in the anime after watching a couple of the live-action version long ago... I think I like the anime version better :D Nodame is such a messy girl T_T shes hopless and clueless :D but kinda adorable I guess lol

I'm glad that this will be yet another show that constantly makes me hungry >.< I think Nodames voice actor is really good and Chiaki is awesome (obviously casue chikai from Minami ke :D was)

Stresemann is creppy! Though He looks kinda serious so I was a bit surprised..!

I can't wait for the next set... since I don't know what happens after episode 6 and on :D---

Been keeping up with the new Ghost in the shell stuff... the trailer looks decent.. though im still sad they changed her so much! But it has potential i guess..

I've decided to start watching movies I shoulda seen but havent... (starting with pulp fiction =x) Casue i missed so much aparently :D So tons of movies in my future!!

I hope you are doing well ^_^


May 31, 2013