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I'm Ryan (yes I am a Girl) and I have been watching anime since I was in middle school, me and my best friend cant wait to come home from school everyday just so we can watch anime.  I am a big collecter in both anime and manga and I love all genres of it ~ And I'm so happy to find a site that I could keep track of all the anime and manga I've watched/read :)

I'm the Lead Customer Service Rep. at a local print shop, I have been working for 3 years now.

P.S. I'm also a hard-core video gamer! :P (Mostly RPG - feels like i'm playing an anime!)

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I'm typically a universal type of person and pretty much like anything including anime genres, I espcially love it when it has a little bit of everything, so ask me to watch it and I'll probably do it sometime or another...

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DarkForce Mar 21, 2012

Mawaru Penguindrum eh. Looks interesting. It will be my nexty one. JUST finished Chobits, and today is my last day at work. I dont have internet at home (Thanks roomate)so I wont be able to watch it for a whole week. Cant wait to get my own place, as soon as he pays me back, im out of there. I watch anime at a rate of 7 hrs of anime per 8 hrs of work now :) so 10.5 hrs of anime every night, its great

DarkForce Mar 20, 2012

Hope you had alot of fun =] I got ... premoted? more like demoted, switched from days to nights. Im so happy, I can actually sleep again, and it means more time for anime. Currently watchen an older anime, Chobits. It is really good so far, I think you would really like this one, although I think I say taht alot. anywho, hope you had fun, and welcome back :) Its more fun to talk to other people about anime, rather then sit around and watch it all day. I'm going to stop talking now, welcome back

DarkForce Mar 7, 2012

I actually think Maka/Tsubaki and Soul/BlackStar woulda been funnier, but thats me

p.s. the 2 not-a-robot words were "the troll" rofl

ninjadude1233 Mar 4, 2012

Yes! its nice to meet you! ^^ 

Im a huge fan of bleach and shakugan no shana among other anime. Ive seen quite a good amount of anime in my life. I LOVE music. play some instruments myself. Play some sports like soccer. Yeah, pretty boring life for the most part -_- lol

DarkForce Mar 2, 2012

Heh, your reading it and I'm watching it. Maka CHOP! Enjoy :) I'm off to bed.