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I'm Ryan (yes I am a Girl) and I have been watching anime since I was in middle school, me and my best friend cant wait to come home from school everyday just so we can watch anime.  I am a big collecter in both anime and manga and I love all genres of it ~ And I'm so happy to find a site that I could keep track of all the anime and manga I've watched/read :)

I'm the Lead Customer Service Rep. at a local print shop, I have been working for 3 years now.

P.S. I'm also a hard-core video gamer! :P (Mostly RPG - feels like i'm playing an anime!)

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I'm typically a universal type of person and pretty much like anything including anime genres, I espcially love it when it has a little bit of everything, so ask me to watch it and I'll probably do it sometime or another...

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Dario97 Mar 23, 2012

You like writing stories ? That's cool. Maybe someday we gonna write some book together :P  Dancing like a moron ? I know what you mean xD I forgot to write, that i love to sing (clean, screaming, growl), but i can't tell that my neighbours like me doing it, so probably i'm just annoying them xD

Dario97 Mar 22, 2012

I like sleep xD Making some creative things like a... creating music, writing a book, hang out with friends, chat, make videos :) and some people say that i'm good at annoying others xD Also i like watching AMV-s, listen to music (i'm doing it right now :P) meet new people, make fun of teachers and many more like a... boss xD What about you ? 

Yakhio Mar 21, 2012

I was hesitant too before I started to watch anime and, for a reason I yet don't know, I just fell love with it. :'3Though I can't stand the fact the enemies die waaaaay too easily, but I can bear it :'DWhen I heard that they are making new English edition of SM manga, I decided I _MUST_ buy 'em before they would be sold out. :33

Dario97 Mar 21, 2012

Hey nee-chan :D Don't worry, because of sports :) It's nice to meet you too :P 

DarkForce Mar 21, 2012

Yeah, school seems so long. even my 12 hrs at work seem shorter then the 6? at school. I dont even remember anymore. Seems to really drag on. you have to do things to make school more fun. Join a club or something, you wont regret it :) (And having this much time to watch anime isnt as awesome as you think.)

p.s. what are with the CAPTCHA phrases, I think they are messing with me, now it says use spoon, and im eating with a fork :/