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I'm Ryan (yes I am a Girl) and I have been watching anime since I was in middle school, me and my best friend cant wait to come home from school everyday just so we can watch anime.  I am a big collecter in both anime and manga and I love all genres of it ~ And I'm so happy to find a site that I could keep track of all the anime and manga I've watched/read :)

I'm the Lead Customer Service Rep. at a local print shop, I have been working for a year now.

P.S. I'm also a hard-core video gamer! :P (Mostly RPG - feels like i'm playing an anime!)

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I'm typically a universal type of person and pretty much like anything including anime genres, I espcially love it when it has a little bit of everything, so ask me to watch it and I'll probably do it sometime or another...

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Island says...

Whoops part of your message is inside my last one :D I always delete it as I reply but I missed something this time --.--I wish you could edit post and that the comment system had a bigger editor!  

Oct 11, 2014
Island says...

 Hihi ^_^

I don't even remember the old site anymore, adjusted quickly :DD

This must of got lost like a bunch of times, sorry for delay I always forget and close the window while im putting it together!

Genshiken Nidaime (6-12) <-- I watched them all lol

Oguie kinda took a backseat for the second half of the season but I liked her alot still. Honestly everyone just grew on me and it was a good end to the show I think! Mirei so fun X_XSo much BL stuff but I still really liked the show! Was interesting how basically the entire cast changed slowly, I wonder how many other shows could pull something like that off.

I love Su ^^ every now and then I recongnized a quote she shouted out.  She quoted Bakemonogatari at one point lol.

K-ON! (1-6)

Whoot I'm happy you get to go first for awhile :D its more fun if we swap. I can see how this show started the cute anime trend they are pretty good at moe lol

Yui reminds me of pudding and is useless :D but adorableMugi is pretty cute but she seems kinda passive compared to everyone elseMio and Ritsu are fun together I think I enjoy this pair the most since they always fight :D and Mio is always scared of things. I think my favorite part of the show is when Mio gets scared of the barnaclesI like that the teacher had to get blackmailed ot help them :D i wonder if they will use that picture aganist her again! 

The music is pretty good so far and I like how the preformance seem to get a special music video as well :D

So far K-ON is as expected, we got lots to go though :D hopefully some developments happen!

Anime News:

I guess the biggest news is that Naruto is going to end in like a month, crazy that i've been following that show for like 10 years.... I hope it ends well :d  I finished up all the shows I was watching Toyko Ghoul was pretty crazy in the final episode eh?? And Terror In Resonace was a bit worse than I thought, didnt like five at all and she dragged the show down for me =/ And everything else ended well so that was a good season of anime I think :D KORRA IS BACK WHOOT! Best showwww Clearly its Korra x Asami =X

I havent watched the Wind Rises yet but I really want to, glad you like it :D  I havent decided what imma watch from this season stuff yet but for sure Log Horizion season 2 and the new Fate remake! Ive been rewatching a bunch of anime movies with my brothers lately, reliving Ghost in the shell etc. its amazing how well they hold up

Prbly pretty short message, but I want to go watch more K-on! 

Mata ne~ <3

Oct 11, 2014
Island says...

Hisashiburi~ :D  Length is never an issue with us! Write as much as you want! hmmhmm quick reply this time muahah :d

Yeah its a nice re-design, though I wish they would let you organize the hated/liked characters actually shown instead of just alpha order... >.> oh well maybe with time!

I am starting Xillia today finally! I would recommend a kindle;paperwhite, its affordable and good to read in the dark with :D  Let me know when you get one and i'll send ya a-ton of books!

haha I should pay more attention to spelling and such but I'm so lazy when typing to friends :D  Typing with nails seems like it would be very annoying T_T. 

Genshiken Nidaime episodes 1-7 ( I think we should watch half at a time maybe, unless its really long :D then maybe like 5-8)

This show is do different now than before, but I still like it!  Ogiue is pretty cool still but I think I like Rika now, her glasses are cute and she is evil :D  This show is like trap city now as well haha, I like how the old characters are sticking around and making random appearances. Strange that Ogiue and Sasahara seem to be dating now? It's implied pretty heavily.. either way I guess thats awesome :D

I think my favorite moments are when Rika brings her little sister over and has her pretend to be her big brother, the expression on Rika's & Mirei faces during the exchange had me laughing :D

I hope you enjoyed the change of pace for the show as well. The OP and ED are forgettable I think...since i don't remember if I like them or not ha!

Oh and I liked how Angela does seem to actually care about Madarame, he should of totally had a fun time with her, he's had bad luck in the show! bahh oh well :D

And Su is cool to have around haha. Shes like a pet!

I feel like ive seen so many pictures of the K-ON characters that i've already watched it, but i have no idea what they are like!


Other animu news!

I'm always so impressed with your rewatch powers, I can't even manage my time(which i have tons of at laest for the month or so) to watch normal amounts of shows haha Probably because i'm so addicted to certain video games.

Black Lagoon is so badass, Revy is the best! It reminds me alot of cowboy bebop for some reason. I should start SAO2 but i haven't seen the other ones yet =x

This season I'm watching:

The awesome:

  • Tokyo Ghoul - Pretty standard, but i'm still really having fun with it.
  • Terror in Resonace - This show is going places!! 
  • Twelve is the best!The Irregular Magical Highschool - (reddit.com/r/OneTrueTatsuya/  <3 love following this anime with everyone on reddit)
  • Haikyu - I havent spoiled myself by reading like you :D hard to wait an entire week for the rest of a match -.-
  • Baby Steps - Still enjoying this... though its pretty formulaic 
  • Naruto - Pretty good arc going on right now, and no fillers :D
  • Legend of Korra - Loving this season, it might be my favorite! 

The Meh~

  • Aldnoah Zero - This one is pretty standard mecha, but they are doing some cool stuff... i'll have to see where this goes.
  • Akame ga Kill - This is just pretty standard action stuff
  • Fairy Tail (2014)-  THEY ARE DRAGGING THINGS OUT WAY TOO MUCH T___T its killing me haha
  • Rail Wars - This show really made me sad... fan service and harem anime can be awesome, but i wanteed TRAINS! not enough cool train stuff :D

I hope you have a fun birthday... yeah after 18 it really dosn't seem to matter much ... At 27 i feel 20 still :d.

Make sure you catch Little Witch Academia (link for lazyness) Off to watch more anime!

Mata ne! 

Aug 18, 2014
Island says...

Ello! Woah new site and stuff, looks kinda cool we got headers to play with now T_T. Now I have to make sure they semi match!  (bah my stuff got deleted as per usual lol)

How have you been? I hope well... I've been doing pretty ok, anything cool happen to you?. Ended playing some old school "dungeons and Dragons' style game these past couple weeks, which has been awesome. Makes me want to make my own game one day, kinda like writing a book but with a group!  Its my Birthday tomorrow so I wonder what nonsense i'll get up too...You like anything so far this season? I'm still watching all the stuff that's still ongoing from last season and I think i'll try Rail Wars soon!

I had my 3DS battery mess up so all those games are on hold for awhile =(( But honestly I have so much to play I wont even need to fix it for awhile lol.. 

Anime stuffz: Normal stuff like always, Naruto, Fairy Tale(tail?) etc.

I watched Tales From Earthsea which I have mixed feelings about, but at least it was pretty >.>

I decided to just Marathon Attack! on Titan and it was fucking great! Mikasa is death incarnate. I think you watched that right? I dun even remember but sucks we have to wait forever for another season.... hard not to read the original material.

I also watched All of Avatar and Korra thats out and i was pleasantly surprised by the Korra Avatar stuff, I had herd mixed things about it, still missing something though...

I think I like Korra better than Aang but the secondary characters don't really match up. Hard to beat Toph :d Anyway season 3 is shaping up nicely and Freaking Platinum Games is making the video game! thats the best news ever..its going to rock if the gameplay is anything like Bayonetta

I haven't watched the rest of Genshiken yet but I get around to it pretty soon, didn't want to get to far ahead :D though knowing you, its possible your already done with it all and waiting on me :DOh random thought, You've seen Little Witch Academia right? that one episode thing made by the people that made Kill La Kill, you should watch it if you haven't! You might of been the one that recommended it to me though.. I don't recall ahah

Anywho,  Mata ne!


Jul 25, 2014
Island says...


It’s already annoying hot -..- I miss when we had more than 2 seasons of weather: D How you been lately?

Yeah naming laptops seems to be pretty common, I didn’t name this computer when I bought it but ill prbly give my next one a name :d  I like to name my Wi-Fi server strange names, right now mine is.. Eru Psi Congroo  from steins gate :D

Haha glad you liked Xilla, there is Xilla 2 out right? Or is that not in English yet. Been playing Recettear: an Item shop tale, Battlebox Theater and Spelunky HD!! All these little indie games are so fun and cheap! (all on PC ofc)

Alright alright I watched the Minami Ke Natsuyasumi OVA :D   Made me miss this show a ton but it was def fun :D I loved the scene at the end with Haruka in the restaurant with her friends.

Speaking of OCDness I’m in the middle of reorganizing all my possessions and trying to decide what to get rid of and its so stressful! T_T  I have all these old PC game boxes and books that I’ll never read but I don’t want to part with them ahha

Genshiken 2 - ( 6-12 ) Yeah it makes sense for us to watch these short series half at a time, especially since I suck at replying fast :D

Oguire super pervert but awesome :D  I think she finally came around at the end of the show to being more open with it! It was super adorable when she was incapable of speaking when she was operating her booth.

The job hunt and really the entire second half of this season hits home and is pretty relatable T_T.  The way they always portray Foreigners in anime cracks me up, though I don’t know why they always make the American’s not be able to speak English well lol they should talk normally and the main characters should be the ones with the broken English T_T.

Sad they didn’t have a more concrete resolution to the romance and I don’t even know what happened with their jobs and such but that’s why we have another series to watch!

Overall it was a blast :D this entire season has been great for anime.

I guess we watch the final series now right? Then onwards to K-on! we’ll have to do a sports anime or action one next after that methinks

Animu news :

This season was great for me I finished everything I listed last time :D and only dropped a couple.

Highlights for me are:

Ping Pong the Animation: This is probably my favorite sports anime, the ending just made things all that much sweeter! You should watch it all, its only 11 episodes and I think its one of the better anime about competition out there…

Haikyuu & Baby steps:  These ended up being as good as I thought, especially Haikyuu!! :d but you know that! I like the cat team.. I hope they get shown sometimes

Heh I won’t go into everything else but needless to say this season ended as well as it started. Sidonia,Ping Pong and Mushishi are my top 3. I think the biggest surprise might have been Selector! We get a second season whoot! Kinda sad about the twist at the end, but I guess the anime would end if she got her wish :D

Oh and I ended up disliking M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane, it’s pretty strange lol

Fairy Tales new animation is pretty good, but they are dragging things out in typical Shounen Fashion lately =/ and Naruto is pretty good lately :D

I also decided to Marathon Log Horizon and it really surprised me, it’s a great show! Def the best “trapped” In the game show ever. You should watch it if you haven’t already!

I think I will watch Attack On Titan next..!

I haven’t picked up my 3ds in awhile sadly, I’ll let you kno next time I play Bravely!! Though you’ve probably beat it already eh? Lol

Seeya soon :D

Jun 29, 2014