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I'm Ryan (yes I am a Girl) and I have been watching anime since I was in middle school, me and my best friend cant wait to come home from school everyday just so we can watch anime.  I am a big collecter in both anime and manga and I love all genres of it ~ And I'm so happy to find a site that I could keep track of all the anime and manga I've watched/read :)

I currently work at a print shop.

P.S. I'm also a hard-core video gamer! :P (Mostly RPG - feels like i'm playing an anime!)

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I'm typically a universal type of person and pretty much like anything including anime genres, I espcially love it when it has a little bit of everything, so ask me to watch it and I'll probably do it sometime or another...

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Island says...

Winter has set in finally in full force here, we even lost power for awhile :D Muahaha so happy to have snow. Looks like at least I had my white Christmas :D bout damn time we had one! Yeah my fanfiction craze didn't last all that long for me, I find myself overly obsessed with what's "cannon" these days even though it shouldn't matter in the least t-t. If you write something cool let me know :D

Hopefully you'll get to watch school rumble with someone eventually; its sooo worth it! Speaking of watching stuff together everyone came home for the holidays and we watched a ton of stuff together this past week or so!  We settled on watching Fate Zero and are enjoying it so far.

Well hopefully you end up enjoying Resonance of Fate, always sucks when a good game goes under the radar for so long! If you like it maybe i'll pick it up eventually. I've started to get back into tales of graces F but I think i might have to restart cause I don't remember what i was doing :D. I've been playing a bunch of PC games over the break as well...steam sales kill my wallet.

Oh geez I remember messing around with the Sims for a long time back in the day.... I wouldn't say I hate the game but I don't think i'd play it now :D Can totally see why people like it though. I used to love to make people I know and just see what they do :D They would always come in my house at 4am and steal stuff from my fridge -..- no one knows how to knock in that game!

List are fun, a good way to reflect on the year ^_^ I might post some of mine on here before tonight at 12..... Though its so hard to pick favorites sometimes.Crunchyroll has some stuff hulu doesn't have for me :D it has great quality lately too, so with luck in the next couple years hulu and roll will have all the animes T_T I can dream i guess. Neon alley looks interesting hopefully it can turn into something good too.

Yeah that's always how it is when you live next to something "popular" though i've never lived near something like that. Grand Canyon seems like it be kinda boring, its a reverse mountain >.> not as cool i think :D Probably pretty though. I should be fine in gambling department, and I guess I can only eat sooo much food before I run out of space, so as logn as that happens before my wallet is empty all is well :D

Yeah BONES is a great studio, I look forward to anything they get there hands on, I still need  watch Fullmetal one of these days.... Spirited away and Howl's Moving castle seem to be the most popular for sure, I really hope they come up with a giant blu ray collection of everything but it seems unlikely at this point; going to have to collect them one at a time..

We had our Christmas as well, ended up waking up early in the morning so we could all be together; worked out ok! I probably spent more than I received for the first time this year, didn't mind though. Get anything interesting? I managed to snag a kindle:Paperwhite (should be interesting to try this out since i usually like holding the real books) and some other misc things. I took everyone out to dinner for new years as well which is fun(and expensive t---t), i'm always jealous of china new years though it seems so much cooler with all the animals and parades and such.

I don't think i've ever had corned beef, it never really looked all that good...i "might" give it a try now though (^^). I can't believe you hate spicy food, well at least we can both enjoy sour and sweet foods :D Do you like bitter stuff? Coffee? Tea? I don't know why humans even like spicy stuff to be honest its technically painful but hey it taste good to me lol so i'll go with it

My brother is big into cooking so with him and some others back in town we've been cooking up a bunch of food, beef and pork tenderloin; bisk and other stuff....I think i'm making fresh pizza tomorrow been fun fun on the food front...but tons of work >.<

Sooo I watched some Uraboku, of course I took forever to respond (shouldn't happen again specially while we watch things lol) I made it to episode 5 and I stopped for now waiting to make sure we are synced :D.There's definitely some Shounen-Ai vibes I get from the show, and the first 2 episodes were a tad bland, things have gotten better since though.Started to grow on me a bit so I don't mind watching it all ^_^

The ugly lesser demon things are really lame looking, I hope theres more mid-bosses and less of those things as we continue cause I dont get why they use CGI to make those things but use it no where else. Not a fan of the main character girl/guy/thing but the guy with the black coat seems kinda cool and the girl sidekick is funny so far :D And I don’t know if your watching sub or dub but the sub has sooo many japanese voice actors I recognize lol it feels like home :D

How have you liked it so far? And I propose we do this, tell me whatever your on currently and and i'll watch up to that + 4-5 episodes (your choice really since you're limited to disk right now) and we'll go back and forth like that...should only be 2-3 days between responses at most now that the holidays are out of the way lolI am excited to pick our next show, though I don't know what to choose yet! should be fun though..I think i'll pick something funny :D

In anime newsss I watched some Fate Zero and I downloaded the entire Legend of Galactic Heroes series (100gigs btw -..- ) Theres kinda a joke online that every anime fan or at least fan of space opera/sci fi shows knows "when its time" to watch Legend of Galactic heros and no one recommends it because of that lol Anyway I felt it was "my time" and its pretty damn long and apparently has a great story but I haven't started yet lol kinda intimidating, at least the downloading is done. Otherwise I watched just the usual stuff like fairy tale and naruto and finished up that book series :D We are going to probably finish Fate Zero tonight...but i'll prbly save the rest for another time (theres a bunch of different parts to that anime series)

Not always a fan of the naruto and bleach movies, but the last couple have been pretty good!

Looks like we survived, kinda sad really I was hoping to at least have some crazy people do something interesting since they were soo certain it was going to end...alas was just another day! (seems like it wasn't that long ago but its already the 31st...time flies i guess)

Talk to you soon! (hopefully sooner than last time :D)

Dec 31, 2012
Island says...

Everyone around here hates the snow, but yet they live in a place that snows a lot every-year! I think they should just surrender to it lol. It hasn't snowed yet here in PA but i'm sure its coming....

Hahah good old creative writing, I always wanted to try my hand at it, I used to write fan fiction for gundam wing a couple other cartoon network shows when I was younger (the story’s lost to the internet sadly). Eventualy it would be fun to try to put something together, I've played plenty of tabletop roleplay so I think I can probably put together a decent story. On the topic I think my favorite writing perspective is 3rd person limited now, I really like being able to dip into characters but being able to change perspective throughout the story.

Nice, much easier with a laptop ^-^. Maybe your friend can watch to? Its always fun to watch humor with others, school rumble was probably the best anime I've ever watched with other people...it had us dying lol.

I was on the fence about Resonance of Fate for awhile, never ending up picking it up ~ it seemed pretty unique so be sure to tell me what you think! It did sub par If I remember correctly but got some phrase for new ideas and such!

In terms of overall gaming I really love my PC gaming the most I think. Specially this year, I just wish more JRPGs found there way on there :D But there’s plenty of amazing games (on the super super cheap) to play. Was trying to put together my top 5 list of the year for things, so maybe you can make some too! (anime, games movies, whatever) I also like to make “horrible” mentions for things that really sucked :D

Netflix is good, though admittedly I think I've only watched a couple things on there despite having it for a long time haha. I'm considering doing hulu plus! And crunchyroll since they support anime pretty well, but funds are an issue with that. Still for the most part using streaming sites for everything, I really wish the company's would catch up with fansubs with quality and quickness so they can really understand how big there fanbase is >.<

Must be nice to live around Vegas, lots to do if you wanted to! I plan to go there sometime maybe this year or next, should be fun. I'd probably spend all my money on food T_t.

I think I should re-watch the last couple eps of Wolf's rain...it was so sad, really up there with top anime sad moments! But the ending confused me T_T probably what I get for watching it at like 4am haha. Really interesting story overall though so unique compared to what people would think it would be like going into it. Makes me wonder if there’s some kinda cycle of corruption in the world since paradise got messed up...idk!

Yeah the Miyazaki movies for me are like a mark of shame haha, everyone loves them and for whatever reason i've been reluctant to watch them; now I feel like I want to watch them on blue ray or HQ download T_T So I might end up waiting even longer! I hear the studio is making a couple more movies soon :D

Not sure what my family is doing with Christmas yet, we are notoriously bad at planning for these things > . > Probably will delay the celebration a bit but either way should be good; we put a tree up this year for the first time in awhile. Not really a holiday I love much overall, though all holidays are fun ( I prefer thanksgiving and all the other ones that basically include everyone!) I didn't know ST. Patricks day has food, I thought people just got drunk :D I now have a excuse to make a big meal lol

Woah your half Vietnamese and don't like spicy food I didn’t know that was possible :DD Though I'm sure your probably sick of it now I think my favorite food is pho :D but its kinda hard to pick really. Its defeinity in the top 3 things I love in life, not sure really what would be over it haha food is the best : D. Its something everyone has in common, I have so many friends I don't think I would have much to do with if we didnt go grab food together! I like fancy food a lot but I also love the “American” food like pizza and burgers too >.< So yeah I guess everything T___T. The funny thing about mexican food I feel like you can just mix everything up into a big mush and mix it with chips and salsa(or the white cheese dip!) and it always taste good, there food is so flexible, though i'm more of a spicy Mexican food kinda guy :D I've been trying to force myself to cook something new once every grocery trip, so far it has been working out well but slow!

Not much in the way of anime news since last message, checked out your suggestion Uragiri wa Boku lol. Figures you would pick a Shounen-ai genre(Though I did say I was down for anything and I hold myself to that :D ) ^-^. Maybe it will be fun... Who knows! I liked fruits basket of all things so maybe it'll turn out ok. I'm game if you are! Hmm I guess we should take turns, so I guess next time would be my pick ^-^ * begins plotting *

Hopefully the world won't end before you respond. Till next time! ^_^

Dec 18, 2012
Island says...

I think it really comes down to how you use your computer. For me Its basically my default position. If I'm not doing anything specific than i'm probably on my computer. So the first thing I do is open my browser which defaults to my gmail; so thats why I always see it :D Maybe high-speed net will halp you! I don't think I’ve ever gotten a letter in my life, there kinda cool I think: D Yeah I don't know how I feel about the book and movie thing, I still think they should always try to tell new story’s and not the same story =/ Seems like kinda of a waste!

Glad you got better, I tend to get least sick during the winter, I think the cold kills all the stuff that makes me sick :D And I love the cold so i'm generally a happy person during this time of year in regards to health in weather :D

Eeek sounds like lots of busy work, but you'll get to the “fun” stuff eventually ^-^. Have you done a lot of writing before? the cool part about that job is that you never have to wait for your degree to dig in!

I think I only liked the Funanimation stuff and cowboybebop and the famous dub work! I think i'm bias though, I prefer some of the mannerisms that are shown when you leave it in the original language that don't translate well!

Oh I love SEED, I haven’t watched the 2nd season or whatever yet, but I enjoyed the first one! Somehow I have yet to see Gurren Lagaan even though I know that I'll like it, I guess I’ll get to it eventually! Yeah Mecha is awesome, I don't think I’ve seen one that I hate yet :D Well I think the vita will long-term be worthwhile, at least I hope – for now its acting as a PSP for me since I've never really had a PSP and plenty to catch up on and there’s a decent amount on the online store. Sadly the 3DS is destroying it in sales right now, so I hope it makes it through – typical sony strategy though...release it at absurd price and slowly gain ground – hope it dosen't bite them in the ass again, like it did with psp for many years. I also have Atelier Meruru but have yet to open it :D

Glad you liked Full metal season 2 it, I really wish they woulda just made the entire show like that instead of the other stuff T_T I miss it already. Sounds like you go through torment with disc availability, is this a local store? Or like a library? Sounds like an expensive way to watch anime if you have to rent every-time T_T. I've never been to Nevada, how was it? I'm finishing up wolfs rain now as well and it lived up to what I thought it would be :D we can dicuss more after you confirm your done ^-^

Yeah I think its shameful of me to have not seen Eureka Seven, much worse that I haven't seen ANY of the Miyazaki movies, which is a feat in itself lol you have to basically go out of you way to not of seen even one T_T. At least I have a great list to look forward too!

Yeah my family all works this Christmas as well T_T makes me kinda sad, though I’m not really super into Christmas itself, just has never happened like this before and it feels weird. Restaurants are fun though, you don't have to clean up ^_^ Hopefully you guys can go some place nice, I feel spoiled sometimes – we go out a lot more than we can really afford too >.>. But i'm pretty conservative with money with everything but food (which gets a free pass through the logic portion of my brain apparently) so it works out. Whats your favorite type of places to eat?

Anime wise, I've just finished up Toyko and it was decent, id give it a 3/5 overal bu I dont regret my time with it so far; the action portions were its strong point I think. Other than that though I didn't have much time for anything else besides finishing wolfs rain as well and the typical (Fairy tail and Naruto) watchings. Can't wait to sink my teeth into some new stuff!

Alright we can plan something, I’ll watch it within a couple days of you replying to this, I should have tons of free time with winter break coming up ^-^ Your selection of anime seems a bit more limited than mine, you can verify on my list if I’ve seen it and pick something random that interest you ^_^ it can be any genre ya want and we'll watch together!

Sorry for the delay, busy week with finals ^-^ but there Ooooooveeer finnaly... let the vacation begin! Talk to you soonish

Dec 17, 2012
Island says...

I stop by the site often to remind myself what i'm watching and how far i’ve came T_T. This is a nice site, I really like the interface, so I hope it sticks around for awhile. Luckily I get a email when you reply :D

I think i’m one of the few people that like the kinda stuff I like but yet haven’t read any of the Lord Of the Rings Novels or the Hobbit. So I saw the movies first :D which I always think is the best way to do it, since people claim the books are always better, might as well watch the movie first then! Suck thats your sick =/ hopefully you’ll get better and we will both be well for once! Lots of hot tea :D

Yeah I used to not be into politics, but this years election gave me a reason to get invovled and once I start to pay attention to something I rarely stop. It’s funny the more I get involved the more frustrated I get with people that don’t pay attention since thats what lets people get away with stuff they shouldn’t, but at the same time the more I understand why people DON’T get involved, its so annoying! That being said we fall on the same side of the coin, wasn’t a fan of Romney at all.

Hahah! Tsk tsk 50 Shades of Grey -...-. Well I guess you might as well since every other female on the planet seems to want to read it :D Maybe you’ll like it? o.o The weird thing for me is that theres 1000s of books just like 50 shades of grey but randomly now everyone wants to read them. Though to be fair we’ve all fallen for marketing and trends before so its no surprise.

Yeah I’m going over the basics right now too, eventually going to do annoying and boring business stuff ^^. Something involving literature huh, maybe writer? Thats always fun. I didn’t even know there was digimon games for the DS, I wonder if there will ever be a really good pokemon or digimon game on the current consoles (not handhelds). Really the voice acting doesn’t bother you, lucky! It drives me crazzzy unless its really well done, do you watch anything with sub?

I disney could pull off the kingdom hearts anime, It might be weird but if they handle the clash of different characters from different shows like CLAMP i think they would be fine. On the games front it looks like the next few months barely have anything I want to play coming out, so hopefully I can put a small dent into my back log.

Really the 2nd season is right here http://www.hulu.com/full-metal-panic-fumoffu you can stream it for HQ and its even legal :D(though perhaps its your internet thats casuing this setback =/ ). Maybe that will work for you >.<. For me mecha anime ended up being something I liked a lot more than I thought I would. When I was younger it was all about the badass mechs and explosions, but now even though that stuff is still awesome I realised there's always tons of drama in mecha anime haha which I guess I like as well.

So far the vita has been a giant waste of money, but golden hasn’t gotten here yet. First of all they don’t let you purchase regular SD cards for the device, only sony branded ones; which are x4 expensive. So thats a giant hidden cost they don’t really tell you about =/. You also can’t connect it to your tv like you could with your PSP, a big downgrade IMO. But the games do look really good on it, we’ll see overal im not too happy with it right now haha.

Was the arena game fun, I usually buy fighting games but I skipped that one for some reason lol. Wow your watching so much at once :D way more than me lol I’m still slowly working on Wolfs Rain, and I will probably start Eureka Seven since you said it was good before I think :D. Soul Eater is fun, I like the characters, I think its a great Shounen anime, since its not 3000 episodes but tells roughly the same quality story :D Haha I haven’t seen all the xXxHolic movies yet, but I’m sure i’ll like em evne if they are creepy (not surprising for that show). I still haven’t even seen Samura 7 which I hear is fun as well and what is The Cat Returns, I just wiki'd it and it looks awesome haha.

Glad your Thanksgiving was fun, mine was subpar at best sadly. Most everyone had to work and no one had time to cook much so I ended up going to the a restaurant with my grandparents and we had a pretty enjoyable dinner but didn’t really feel like thanksgiving. Luckily we had time the next weekend and had a more traditional thanksgiving meal :)  That was much more enjoyable!  

I would tell you to start Tokyo with me but you have waaay too much on your plate already :D

Till next time :DD

Dec 8, 2012
Island says...

OH geez I am an utter failure, I not only forgot to post my reply like over a week ago, but then I forget to check for the reply to my reply T_T. Welp at least I remembered now :D

hahahah I WISH I got to listen to the Hobbit in school, I don't even remember the kinda books we had to listen too but it was so boooooooringgg T_T. I finally got over the bug I had, feeling better now... was a long couple weeks =/ no sleep. Yeah the first book is Furies of Calderon, its a fantasy book it has magic and such, but with a cool twist..no guns and such (at least not yet). Sadly I got caught up in the election and politics and missed my chance to blow through the books so I don't have a full review for ya.

Oh nice im glad you'll have someone that’s supportive of your hobby staying with you ahah. I've had a couple friends that have had had to deal with tons of flak for there gaming or anime habits, though I think that’s probably a rare case instead of the norm...or I would hope so! Sadly I'm close enough to home so I'm not even getting to have a fun dorm time, though its nice to have access to all my stuff so I guess it works out. What you going to major in? Anything fun :D ?

Yeah I feel like Digimon was more of an attempt to tell a real story instead of a marketing push for other products. They were some really good episodes I remember, and even some fun games I remember playing digimon world on playstation back in the day. Yeah I watched it in English as well, the voice acting was terrible but I was still a kid and didn't notice as much; d

I think Disney should just make an anime movie series from Kingdom hearts, it would make them tons of money and then I wouldn't have to play all these games :D Speaking o games I haven't played yet, with the black-Friday sales on steam and other sales I've bought probably about 15 games in the past couple weeks T_T. I think I now probably own more games that I haven’t played than I have haha

Well surely THIS time your probably done with Full Metal Panic finally :D give me your review ^_^ does it make you want to watch more mech anime?

I've come up with a new schedule for watching anime and its working pretty well so far, I just pick either reading, games or anime and focus my free time on that depending on the day. Its almost sad that I need to do that, otherwise I seem to procrastinate with things I actually want to do! Which to me is such a weird thing, I thought we only did that for things we had to do but didn't want to T___T

In Persona news! I bought a vita as well over the Thanksgiving weekend, it was on sale for 179.00 and I caved, so i'll be playing persona 4: Golden soon ^-^ So happy, I hear they added a ton of extra stuff and I can play it during lectures at school :d

Sadly I didn't get to watch BTOOM or Wolf's Rain, luckily now that mid-terms are out of the way and the array of reports I got all at once is done (every class gave research papers and essays during the same 2 week period -...-) So maybe now I can actually commit to watching something at the same time , let me know where you are on everything :D

Oh I'm a bit fan of watching things in Japanese over DUB usually unless the dub is extremely good, like cowboy bebop. Though I think holic has a decent dub so I can understand that, but sometimes if you wait awhile I think you might be able to make the switch, when its fresh its hard to get used too. I think I did that with champloo, switched back and forth a couple of times, but took me forever to finish the series T_T. I should re-watch that sometime, never did watch the entire thing in order I dont think. CLAMP is really good at making characters stand out and very different from each-other, the contrast between people turns some off I think but I enjoy it. I think its one of those rare occasions that something that I would probably direct criticism at on a TV show, I actually prefer in anime. Strange, though anime characters can be over the top and unrealisticly awesome so maybe that’s why.

I'm really looking forward to giving Mirai Niiki a try, it was on my list to watch after steins; gate but haven't got around to it, will catch up as fast as I can after finishing Tokyo Majin which im kinda enjoying. Surprises me cause I remember not really liking it at all, i'm up to episode 8 :D

It felt like forever since I typed up a comment :D we might need to write full novels to catch up for lost time ^^ Oh I hope your thanksgiving was good if you celebrate it! :D Mine was lame because everyone had to work, so we went out so no big cleanup so thats a plus.

Later :D

Nov 26, 2012