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Boogiepop Phantom

Mar 20, 2012

So i just finished Boogiepop Phantom just a few days ago...figured why not!? LETS WRITE A REVIEW!!!! Now don't be judgy about my review because frankly I HAVE NEVER seen the original movie nor have I read the books so this is just my interpretation of the anime series itself...maybe I'll come back to it after "officially" reading the whole Boogiepop franchise...

Story: 5/10

So as story comes and goes I was pretty much lost in the whole thing (again didnt see or read the original Boogiepop franchise).  With every episode that came I felt even more lost, all I know is that the story was semi progressing???? Overall it was hard to keep up with...

Animation: 8/10

Props to animation (which was my best rating btw), the dark feel of it made it that more interesting (probably the only reason I continued to watch it....that and I NEVER dropped an anime before).  And since I just natural like horror and dark shit (no I'm not emo), I was really drawn into the beautiful art (despite being a little different)...

Sound: 6/10

Songs wasnt the worst of it all but not the best.  Two songs are used in Boogiepop, which are "Yuudachi (Evening Shower)" by Shikao Suga the opening and the ending which is "Future Century Secret Club" by Kyoko, I have heard of other songs by Shikao Suga so I already naturally enjoyed his voice (his most notable ones [that I've seen] are his 6 [yup 6] songs which are used in "Honey and Clover" and the 1st opening in XxxHolic); this isnt the mellowest song I've heard before but I think it had the right attitude when it came to an opening.

The ending's singer Kyoko is the first I've heard of but I liked the up-beat tempo, however not much I can say about the ending since its just flashing scenes from the episode....

Characters: 3/10

There is always the worst of the worst.  Characters is definitley it.  There are new characters introduced in every damn episode making it hard to keep track of who you liked before and who you hated; too many to count and too many to keep track of, the only one I can clearly remember is obviously Boogiepop Phantom herself along with Toka Miyashita, Poom-Poom, Echoes and Nagi Kirima....!!!!!

(above) the original Boogiepop and (far right) Boogiepop Phantom

Overall: 5/10

Lately it seems that I've been writing negative reviews but it takes alot to impress me with anime (lol), overall it wasnt a bad anime just a little different and TO IT'S DEFENSE!!! I didn't see any other Boogiepop franchise so maybe I'm being too harsh about this anime but I'm just calling it like I see it....maybe they'll come a time when I'll see other Boogiepop stuff but until then I can officially calls this anime:

"Boogiepoop" :p

5/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
5/10 overall
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