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Soukou no Strain

Mar 6, 2012

Well I just finished Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry and heres my review on the whole thing ~


The story I felt was terribly weak, it felt like I've seen this sort of storyline before and I wasnt that impressed with it at all.  Not to mention that the story was flippin slow and for only being 12 episodes I feel an anime with that small amount of storytime left should get kicked off right away (take Puella Magi Madoka Magica for instance). 


Aside from poor story quality I felt that the animation was pretty good overall, the animation almost looked 3Dish with the strain models and the fight scenes were pretty interesting overall.  it was probably the one thing in the anime that satisfied me.


Ugh. Sound.  I thought was the worst out of the entire thing.  First of all the opening song: "Message" by Yoko I thought was WAY TOO SLOW to be worthy of being called an opening for an anime, it felt like a song meant for an ending or not meant for this anime in paticular, I can see this as something else.  The ending song "Umi no Opal" by Semma was also slow (but thats to be expected by an ending) but I thought the images were ick...(its just Sara and Emily walking down a beach the entire damn time...).  The final song in the anime is used only in the last episode (name I cant remember) and it wasnt that bad...


Main character Sara Werec I thought was weak sauce (yes I said sauce), she was too into her "revenge" thing which is fine but she was a little too into it...if you know what I mean.  Her brother Ralph is too much of a psycho and I thought that they made it too quick from making him into a kind caring older brother to a sadistic crazy psycho.  The character Emily is one of my favorites (probably SHE DOESNT TALK THROUGHT THE SERIES!!!) and the character I liked the most was Lotti I thought she shouldve been the main character and I found myself wanting more of Lotti rather that Sara...which isnt a good thing people...

(above) Lotti


Overall ick ick ick.  Thats all I have to say on that.

Hope you enjoyed ~

4/10 story
8/10 animation
3/10 sound
4/10 characters
3/10 overall
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