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Eureka Seven

Feb 24, 2012



The Story of Eureka Seven is about a typical boy and girl romance with a very unique twist to it, now I can go on to the boring details on how unique it is and how different it is to other similar anime I have to say that this is nothing compared to the other anime you may think or know you've seen!! Don't try to tell me other wise because Eureka Seven is unique in its own way!!  The best thing I like about Eureka Seven was the mixture of genres (which to me is the best kind of anime).  Eureka Seven is mostly action , mecha and romance but it also has very dramatic and comedic moments in it.  Giving it the WHOLE package.  Something I enjoyed very much :)


The main male character of Eureka Seven (Renton Thurston) was a typical fourteen year old boy who is having problems with his overall life and romance, this is something I like about Renton a lot, he WAS like an everyday fourteen year old going through the problems fourteen years could have (minus the giant robots, crazy dreams, and unusal girl).  Plus Renton was sort of a cry baby in the beginning and as the story progressed he started to build as a charcter and I enjoyed watching the proccess; I was glad he wasnt anything special I was glad that he was normal.

Eureka the main female character was also a good match I felt, she wasnt a typical girl but more a very unusal girl who was able to talk to her robot The Nirvash, she wanted to become more human and I was glad she was a heartless bitch in the begnning but grew to a kind and loving person who in turn loved Renton and everyone aboard the Gekko.


Members of the Gekko all balanced each other out, making crazy and mellow characters blend in well.  The series also didnt just focus on RentonxEureka love but other character's love progression too which I liked because sometimes its nice to just get away from the main characters after awhile (and the series had plenty of time due to their 50 episodes).

Other romance that I liked were HollandxTalho, AnemonexDominic, and I even enjoyed the side romance of MischaxDr.Bear :)  Theres just enough romance to keep you interested in the characters but not a lot of romance to the point it gets too much (like Twilight...yuck).

Songs (Openings/Endings/inserts)

There were ten songs used in Eureka Seven total. 4 Openings, 4 Endings and 2 insert songs.  The first Opening song was "DAYS" by FLOW (a band I love very much), I thought it was a very good opening that brought in your attention right away - the images were just as great.  Overall the first opening was my fav. ~

The first Ending song was "Himitsu Kichi" by Kozue Takada (this being the first song I've heard from her), and although the song was nice and refreshing and had a nice melody to it, the images were a little slow (but I guess thats to be expected of an ending).

The second Opening is "Shounen Heart" by HOME MADE KAZOKU (another band I'm familar with), again the images and song was great but I felt the opening scenes were focusing too much on the overal characters in general and it took the whole experience from the overall opening itself.

The second Ending is "Fly Away" by Asami Izawa (first song as well), which was more upbeat then the first ending and that was refreshing all on its own, the song made you want to nodd your head to the beat and it was funny seeing the usual characters in entire new clothing that you wouldnt think they would ever wear.

The third opening is "Taiyo no Mannaka e" by Bivaattchee (new band for me) and although I loved the song the images WERE HORRIBLE (in my opinion), the characters were all drawn really funky and I felt that someone else did it for them rather than the usual character designers.  Because of the poor quality in art I found myself skipping the opening whenever it came on.

The third ending is "Tip Tap Tips" by HALCALI (first time hearing this duo), another cutsey song that I enjoyed and the images were funny all on their own, it was nice seeing what the girls of the story would have been if they were just normal everyday teens.

The fourth and final opening is "Sakura" by Nirgillis (this being only the 2nd song I've heard from her), the song was very operaish but enjoyable all the same, the images in this opening I felt were the best because they didnt focus too much on certain characters and certain scenes so it was all very fast paced but enjoyable.  I thought it was the appropriate final opening.

The final ending is "Canvas" by Coolon which made me love the song very much, and even though the scenes were just still pictures (some hard to make out) I enjoyed the song too much for me to care.

There are two insert songs "Storywriter" by Supercar and "Niji" by Denki Groove (neither band I've heard before), Storywriter was heard perdiocally throughout the series while Niji was only used in the final episode making me enjoy Storywriter more than Niji.


The ending of the series was pretty good and I liked how the story progressed in order to get to that point.  The only thing I didnt like about it was the fact that they didnt show how Gekko State was doing after the one year later mark, they only showed Renton's grandfather and his and Eureka's kids.  And briefly Anemone and Dominic, but overall good ending.


Overall still my top 5 anime series, I loved it so much that I finally bought the damn thing so now I have the whole series :)!!!  And despite some its very little flaws its still one of my favorite animes of all time and no matter what others might think i give this a 10/10!!!

Hope you enjoyed my review :P

10/10 story
10/10 animation
7/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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