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As Days Goes On...


Well its Thursday.  Tues. and Wed. were exams days at my school but I passed them all in the previous years before so I didnt have to come to school until 11:30! And that was nice, on Wed however I actually woke up regular time because I had to get shots in my arms (ouch :( )...afterwards I went to breakfast and then to school.

This morning I woke up to find a huge bruise where I got one shot!!!

So I finished Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry finally!! and I gotta say it really wasnt worth it, the story sort of sucked in the beginning and it was super slow to progress, I could'nt really like the characters all too much and the only way I actually liked was Lotti.  I'll probably do a review on it later...but not now, maybe today I dont know...

I watched Volume 3 of Boogiepop Phantom and the last volume is next on my list. 

Next I'm thinking Claymore?  I heard it was good (actually I heard it was awesome but whos to say)...

I also read volumes 2-4 of Kamichama Chu and Volume 3 of Sailor Moon ~

All in all its been a pretty good week...so far anyway.


DarkForce avatar DarkForce
Mar 1, 2012

Claymore is one of my favorite animes I have watched. I really got to like the main group of girls, (you will know who when you get there). I like the story that it follows, some people didnt. The last half is not even close to the manga though.

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