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Anime I have watched in 2012!


I want to keep track how many anime I'm gonna watch this year ~

As of 2/4/2012

  1. Clannad: After Story (finished)
  2. Clannad: Another World - Kyou Chapter (finished)
  3. Flag (finished)
  4. This Ugly Yet Beautiful World (watching)
  5. Fighting Fairy Girl - Rescue Me Mave-Chan! (finished)
  6. Legend of the Millenium Dragon (finished)
  7. Eureka Seven (3rd time) - (watching)
  8. Angel Beats! (watching)
  9. Romeo x Juliet (watching)
  10. Guilty Crown (watching)
  11. Boogiepop Phantom (watching)
  12. Karas: The Prophecy (2nd time) - (finished)
  13. Karas: The Revelation (2nd time) - (finished)


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