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Hungry for Life?

16 APR

Well as the day goes on heres what still going on...

Still Sick? (check)

Still Grading Papers? (check)

Still Waiting for Laptop to be fixed? (check)

Still Grading with Purple Hippo Pen? (check)

Still Wishing to Graduate only to start some more school? (check)

If you must know I'm in a slump...but I think the only reason is because I'm sick so its making me feel.....BLEH! I get asked all the time...Do you like grading papers? the answer?

No you bitches do it yourself!!!     No I dont but I got nothing else to do...

Listening to "I'll Be Waiting" by Adele ~

Well on brigher news I finished reading The Hunger Games Triliogy but now I'm sad its over, its similar to when I finish an anime and I get depressed for a few days that its over (granted if the anime was good or not).  I also read the first 2 vols of Rosario + Vampire Season II honestly I cant tell if I'm a big fan of the series but....

Oh yeah!! Since me and my friend watch anime every Thurs. after school we been watching Guilty Crown (since new episodes aired that day) but now that Guilty Crown is over we were left with the slump of "WHAT ARE WE GONNA WATCH NOW EVERY THURS???" so finally after half-an-hour of searching through potential anime we finally decided on Nodame Cantabile, an anime that my friend (were gonna call her "Bee" from now on) watched when we first started watching anime (so like 5 years ago) she couldnt remember how it went so we decided to watch it ~ so far we watched two episodes.

Last blog song entry "The Right Thing" by Moby (do I even like this song!!??)



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