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I can feel it coming back!!! The obsession I had currently with Eureka Seven is offically gone!! I now am obsessed with Mawaru Penguindrum!!!  Its so cute and I havent even finished it yet! ~ I now know its gonna go on my top anime list ;)

On another side note I have started watching Claymore, and have finished episode 5 just last night.  I WAS going to finish Boogiepop Phantom but when I finally got the final volume in the mail (Volume 4) from Netflix IT WAS SPLIT IN HALF!!! WTF!!! I was super mad thank god there sending me a replacement and not making me pay for the broken disc (BECAUSE I DIDNT BREAK IT!!!) ~

Once Boogiepop is over (I almost wrote Boogiepoop instead haha) I'll watch an anime movie I think (dont know what yet...) then I'm thinking of watching Baccano! next.  Also I'm rewatching the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series along with the new Yu-Gi-Oh! series Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal!

I read the new chapter of Soul Eater (wooo!!! Battle on da MOON!!) and have been reading a new manga called Junjou Romantica (<-- I think thats how you spell it...)

Among OTHER things it's Spirit Week at my school this week. It's an entire week where we get to dress up like funny shit and stuff.  Today is Hats on for Cancer Day where we get to where ANY hat if we pay a dollar, all the money is going to charity for cancer victims.

Well that abouts sums it up.  I think....


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