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I'm Ryan (yes I am a Girl) and I have been watching anime since I was in middle school, me and my best friend cant wait to come home from school everyday just so we can watch anime.  I am a big collecter in both anime and manga and I love all genres of it ~ And I'm so happy to find a site that I could keep track of all the anime and manga I've watched/read :)

I am now an offical college student :)

P.S. I'm also a hard-core video gamer! :P (Mostly RPG - feels like i'm playing an anime!

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I'm typically a universal type of person and pretty much like anything including anime genres, I espcially love it when it has a little bit of everything, so ask me to watch it and I'll probably do it sometime or another...

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Island says...

Ello <3! Its been tooooo long again T_T

I swore I already replied but maybe too much egg nog XD… HOLIDAY EDITION!

Yeah this year went by super fast, I hope next year slows down a bit. BUT! it can speed through the rest of winter and I wouldn't mind! Honey in tea is the best, but I don't try it on many other dishes. Speaking of bread I've been making a ton of bread at home lately, it goes bad so fast! I wonder what they even put in store bread to make it last so long :D

Get anything fun for the Holidays? I got a couple gifts but mostly boring...though I spoiled myself a bit!

I got a bunch of amazon gift cards which I will probably buy anime and games with :d

I got some drawing supplies so now I have even less of an excuse to not draw =( lol oh well Its something I want to do!

Sadly I also got tons and tons of various types of candy haha like a kid. I'm going to gain like 50 pounds before the end of the year!

I had this fun idea that we would give eachother some stuff to watch for the holidays! Since time is short how bout we do one short series or 1 movie!! I demand you watch Time Of Eve! Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrfqzoxH_d8

It could be something you think i'd like or you know I would never watch otherwise :d

We can even do a couple of these if ya want! Along side our watch together stuff.

--Onwards to K-ON!! --

Yeah we'll watch the movie after this season is over.

K-ON!! (1-6)

I'm like you in that I don't really like the OP but I never skip it. I do like the ED though its pretty fluffy!

This show so far to me is really underrated haha The interaction between the characters in this show and the subtle changes and the behaviors and general comradery between them is really really good. You can imagine in your head what a scene will be like between any two characters which I like.

I feel kinda bad for Azusa! Shes going to be all alone at the end of the year +(( I hope they get new members!  lol the purchase of the turtle was so random and made me laugh...they coulda done so much with the money!  Yeah poor Mio no one ever litsens to her…shes really loves music the most I think and maybe Mugi likes music the least…! The side characters are kinda cool in this show in general, im happy they keep showing up and arent just grey shadow figures like in some shows lol  

Mio getting scared of everything is the best! Everyone picks on her for it haha... I wonder if she'll get over it ever. Ui is the best, I was not a good older brother when compared to her :D I wonder if she will ever join the band!

I think you can probably watch up till ep18 if you havent finished it yet since I took forever(or even 24 if you watched ahead)! So far though this show is def way better than I expected it to be.

Anime News:

I can't get over that its over =(( but I guess we have the movie to look forward to :D

Your collection of books i bet is all neat and organzied :D mine looks like someone invaded a wizards library and left everything a mess.


Well im glad im not stalking alone :D I haven't been super active this last month with the family visits and shit >.> but you can return to you scheduled stalking at your leasure :D I'm still torn on the out of 5 rating system though haha whats your views on numeric review systems?

I'm not sure if i can even care about Aldnora anymore, the ending to me was such bullshit that I wont be able to care about the characters in the show anymore and I dont like many of them to begin with haha

Kara no Kyoukai was just so damn pretty I think i might even re-watch it soon.

Still need to watch GITS: ARISE but im glad it doesn't seem as terrible as it could be!

WIXOSS to me is just awesome because its a good show that happens to be a card game and not just a commercial. I still need to catch up with this season though im a couple episodes behind so hopefully it doesn't go off the rails.

Akame ga Kill ending was so wtf which was appropriate for the show. Im so salty the beast girl got killed in possibly the most absurd death ever lol for no reason at all.

I'll prbly chime in next time with more top list but I'll toss my top 5 anime on here for funz!

1. Ping Pong the Animation

2. Mushishi

3. Sidona no Kishi

4. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Budget!

5. ShiroBako

Honorable Mentions: Log Horizon s2, Haikyuu!!, Baby Steps and Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (The Irregular at Magic High School)

The ugly: Rail Wars!


Shirobako, K-ON!!, Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, Log Horizon 2, Naruto (sniff sniff), Unlimited Blade Works, WIXOSS.

I'm still just reading Isaac Asimov and i'll prbly start trying to read some manga(gasp!) What should I start with :D ? I'm thinking of Gantz!

A bit shorter than It felt like but replies will totally be fast this time I swear-this has never gone wrong before!! =X 

Mata ne. ~

Dec 28, 2014
Island says...

Ello ^_^

Man this year has flew by so fast!! I guess it’s because I’m talking time off to figure things out. When you have nothing you "have" to do weeks just melt away T_T I made it to level 60 in Bravely Default, the game is pretty fun and I’m about to finish chapter 3! I don't know if I like the main character or the main girl the other 2 are cute together though!

K-ON! (7-13)

I don't know which OVA to watch... is it the Come with Me!! Live Concert one?  I'll have to watch that one.

Everything is so moe! The second half of the first season I really noticed how good this show looked. They really put the budget in.

I'm not sure that Yui is a human ahah she’s just a blob that blobs around :D  I'm having a hard time saying the different names "yui and ui" sound so similar >.< I'm never going to pick up on Japanese haha

Ui is pretty awesome I thought she would be barely focused on but she shows up alot! Makes me wonder what it woulda been like to have a little sister as well, I have two brothers! I would totally trade one for a sister haha

Mugi is the best, I felt her pain as well when she was trying to work and I like that she doesn’t need to work but is still trying too! Her character is awesome :D  Mugi just wnna have fun!

I think Mio on her own is probably the least interesting character but with the Ritsu (her getting jealous and stuff) she ends up being important still! Ritsu has so much energy and makes me laugh a ton! Azu-nyan is just mini mio :D I wonder if she will grow! I did like the scene with her and the cat though!

Hmm what do we watch now? the movie and start season 2? This show is confusing!


Anime News:

In my head I still can't get over the fact that Naruto is going to end T_T. I think its possible the will have another show after it though. The movie seems like its set a couple years after whatever events happen at the end so at least we have that.. ( Hinata x Naruto for life =x)

I have the entire Pandora Hearts Soundtrack but I haven’t never seen the show, seems pretty :D Sucks that its ending! Do you read your stuff online or do you have a giant wall of books.

Speaking of things ending I think that its probably for the best for things to end sub-50 episodes. Rare exceptions like GITS and such but I think the quality will start to suffer after awhile…BUT! I think that there is a threshold that after a show has already suffered some quality decline that you should probably just keep it going (like Naruto and Bleach) haha random ramble!

On the subject of Tokyo Ghoul (You've watched that by now probably) What did you think about the last episode XD?

Terror in Resonance is probably going to be remembered just for its visuals and feelings and I think in the end I enjoyed watching it just seems like a bit of wasted potential story wise etc.

CATCH UP ON KORRA ITS FREAKING AMZING :D Some crazy shit is going down in the show  I think her new hair suits her! Bah I can't talk about anything without spoilers :D

Detective Conan is insanity he coulda just grown back up by now!

Looking over your currently watching, I prbly should watch more space dandy! Do you enjoy s2? Enjoying Black Lagoon? (Revy ftw)

oh you was watching Aldnora!! HOW BOUT THAT LAST EPISODE AYE =XXX

You should def watch all the Kara no Kyokai stuff, its pretty solid even if its a bit confusing! Hmm I like the idea of you watching Arise so you can tell me if its bad and I don’t ruin my GITS :D

Hmm you reminded me I need to watch season 2 of WIXOSS! Also Akame ga Kill is so absurd but it’s kinda fun to watch i guess? ;p

Currently Watching:

Shirobako: I love this show! It’s about a girl working in the Anime industry on the business side! This is kinda what I want to do for a living (since I lack amazing art talent!) and is otherwise a cute show, check it out!

Rage of Bahamut/Genesis : This show is a surprise for me I didn't think I would like it but I do, kinda reminds me of Samauri Champloo for some reason haha

Unlimited Budget Works : Holy shit this show looks so good! And for this remake they are adapting the material so much better, def need to check this out as well!

Naruto, Fairy Tail and Korra.  I will probably pick up... Log Horoizon S2, WIXOSS and Mushishi since they have new stuff out this season as well but haven’t watched it yet!

I’m Jelly of your milestones! 1000/500 is a ton of stuff! I need to catchup T_T

Welp hopefully this was somewhat readable!

Mata ne!  <3

Nov 17, 2014
Island says...

Whoops part of your message is inside my last one :D I always delete it as I reply but I missed something this time --.--I wish you could edit post and that the comment system had a bigger editor!  

Oct 11, 2014
Island says...

 Hihi ^_^

I don't even remember the old site anymore, adjusted quickly :DD

This must of got lost like a bunch of times, sorry for delay I always forget and close the window while im putting it together!

Genshiken Nidaime (6-12) <-- I watched them all lol

Oguie kinda took a backseat for the second half of the season but I liked her alot still. Honestly everyone just grew on me and it was a good end to the show I think! Mirei so fun X_XSo much BL stuff but I still really liked the show! Was interesting how basically the entire cast changed slowly, I wonder how many other shows could pull something like that off.

I love Su ^^ every now and then I recongnized a quote she shouted out.  She quoted Bakemonogatari at one point lol.

K-ON! (1-6)

Whoot I'm happy you get to go first for awhile :D its more fun if we swap. I can see how this show started the cute anime trend they are pretty good at moe lol

Yui reminds me of pudding and is useless :D but adorableMugi is pretty cute but she seems kinda passive compared to everyone elseMio and Ritsu are fun together I think I enjoy this pair the most since they always fight :D and Mio is always scared of things. I think my favorite part of the show is when Mio gets scared of the barnaclesI like that the teacher had to get blackmailed ot help them :D i wonder if they will use that picture aganist her again! 

The music is pretty good so far and I like how the preformance seem to get a special music video as well :D

So far K-ON is as expected, we got lots to go though :D hopefully some developments happen!

Anime News:

I guess the biggest news is that Naruto is going to end in like a month, crazy that i've been following that show for like 10 years.... I hope it ends well :d  I finished up all the shows I was watching Toyko Ghoul was pretty crazy in the final episode eh?? And Terror In Resonace was a bit worse than I thought, didnt like five at all and she dragged the show down for me =/ And everything else ended well so that was a good season of anime I think :D KORRA IS BACK WHOOT! Best showwww Clearly its Korra x Asami =X

I havent watched the Wind Rises yet but I really want to, glad you like it :D  I havent decided what imma watch from this season stuff yet but for sure Log Horizion season 2 and the new Fate remake! Ive been rewatching a bunch of anime movies with my brothers lately, reliving Ghost in the shell etc. its amazing how well they hold up

Prbly pretty short message, but I want to go watch more K-on! 

Mata ne~ <3

Oct 11, 2014
Island says...

Hisashiburi~ :D  Length is never an issue with us! Write as much as you want! hmmhmm quick reply this time muahah :d

Yeah its a nice re-design, though I wish they would let you organize the hated/liked characters actually shown instead of just alpha order... >.> oh well maybe with time!

I am starting Xillia today finally! I would recommend a kindle;paperwhite, its affordable and good to read in the dark with :D  Let me know when you get one and i'll send ya a-ton of books!

haha I should pay more attention to spelling and such but I'm so lazy when typing to friends :D  Typing with nails seems like it would be very annoying T_T. 

Genshiken Nidaime episodes 1-7 ( I think we should watch half at a time maybe, unless its really long :D then maybe like 5-8)

This show is do different now than before, but I still like it!  Ogiue is pretty cool still but I think I like Rika now, her glasses are cute and she is evil :D  This show is like trap city now as well haha, I like how the old characters are sticking around and making random appearances. Strange that Ogiue and Sasahara seem to be dating now? It's implied pretty heavily.. either way I guess thats awesome :D

I think my favorite moments are when Rika brings her little sister over and has her pretend to be her big brother, the expression on Rika's & Mirei faces during the exchange had me laughing :D

I hope you enjoyed the change of pace for the show as well. The OP and ED are forgettable I think...since i don't remember if I like them or not ha!

Oh and I liked how Angela does seem to actually care about Madarame, he should of totally had a fun time with her, he's had bad luck in the show! bahh oh well :D

And Su is cool to have around haha. Shes like a pet!

I feel like ive seen so many pictures of the K-ON characters that i've already watched it, but i have no idea what they are like!


Other animu news!

I'm always so impressed with your rewatch powers, I can't even manage my time(which i have tons of at laest for the month or so) to watch normal amounts of shows haha Probably because i'm so addicted to certain video games.

Black Lagoon is so badass, Revy is the best! It reminds me alot of cowboy bebop for some reason. I should start SAO2 but i haven't seen the other ones yet =x

This season I'm watching:

The awesome:

  • Tokyo Ghoul - Pretty standard, but i'm still really having fun with it.
  • Terror in Resonace - This show is going places!! 
  • Twelve is the best!The Irregular Magical Highschool - (reddit.com/r/OneTrueTatsuya/  <3 love following this anime with everyone on reddit)
  • Haikyu - I havent spoiled myself by reading like you :D hard to wait an entire week for the rest of a match -.-
  • Baby Steps - Still enjoying this... though its pretty formulaic 
  • Naruto - Pretty good arc going on right now, and no fillers :D
  • Legend of Korra - Loving this season, it might be my favorite! 

The Meh~

  • Aldnoah Zero - This one is pretty standard mecha, but they are doing some cool stuff... i'll have to see where this goes.
  • Akame ga Kill - This is just pretty standard action stuff
  • Fairy Tail (2014)-  THEY ARE DRAGGING THINGS OUT WAY TOO MUCH T___T its killing me haha
  • Rail Wars - This show really made me sad... fan service and harem anime can be awesome, but i wanteed TRAINS! not enough cool train stuff :D

I hope you have a fun birthday... yeah after 18 it really dosn't seem to matter much ... At 27 i feel 20 still :d.

Make sure you catch Little Witch Academia (link for lazyness) Off to watch more anime!

Mata ne! 

Aug 18, 2014