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So, Anime is pretty cool. The first one i ever watched was Dragon ball z. Why wouldn't a 4-5 year old love flying shirtless men with rippling muscles? 

Then I seen Inuyasha. That's probly why I love romance anime so much. 

But again, anime is pretty cool. I stopped watching it as much as i used to. Now adays it's all about bouncing boobs, short skirts, and amazingly hot chicks....actually i guess i still watch it as much as before. 

So yeah, I love talking to anime nerds such as myself. Especially girls (not to be sexist or anything, but i can't talk to a dude about romance. It's weird to me). So add me or something. I just started today, obviously looking for nerd love in all the right places. 

However, even amongst all the DD, and J cup women on anime. Forever and always, Chie Satonaka <3

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tennis101101 Nov 14, 2013

I like your Avatar. I so cannot tell what anime is your favorite

animeloversrule Oct 2, 2013

You are so right about the type of animes they are kind of making now~!

animeloversrule Sep 30, 2013

I like your picture~!