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I'm an anime fan like there are tons of 'em. :p

Like: animes, trance, rave, jump, hardstyle

Dislike: school, studying, everything that keeps me from watching animes (exept friends)

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llamagles says...

Awesome 8}D!!  If you do get it, I hope you like it :}P

What anime are you currently watching?  I'm in the midst of Eureka 7, myself :} 

Jan 11, 2008
llamagles says...

Thanks!  It's from a game for the PlayStation 2 called Disgaea, one of my favorite games :P

 By the way, one anime series in particular you should check out if you get the chance is GetBackers.  It's an extremely fun and entertaining show about people that "get stuff back" for other people, like getting stolen stuff back for someone :P  Just looking over the other stuff you watched made me think you might like GetBackers :}

Dec 27, 2007
llamagles says...

Hey and thanks :}D  Nice to meet you and it's cool that we registered on the same day 8}D

 Looking at your top 5, I've been meaning to watch Elemental Gelade and I'm around half-way through Groove Adventure Rave :P (haven't watched any of it lately though 8'[!!)

Dec 22, 2007
wolfangel87 says...

Welcome to Anime Planet!

Don't forget to come back and fill out your profile!  ^_^ 

I like your avatar!

Dec 20, 2007