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Ah! My Goddess TV

Jan 23, 2011

I liked the Oh! My Goddess OVA series and the movie back in the 90ies. I also enjoyed reading the manga despite the fact that I technically was too young to read it (I was only 11 when I started reading it and it is definitely not for children). I was then excited when I heard of a new TV series coming out in 2005 and immediately watched the fansub version when it became available. However, I was slightly disappointed with the character designs. I thought Belldandy looked gibbled and Keiichi didn’t look much like Keiichi (he looked older despite being a college student). I gave up watching it after episode 1 because I couldn’t get used to the new character designs.

5 years later, I decided to give the series another chance. I am trying not to view things online when they are available for purchasing so I bought the complete series from my anime dealer for $10 brand new. During a ferry ride to the island to visit my family, I sat down and watched a few episodes on my laptop. 5 episodes later, I was hooked. The designs grew on me and I couldn’t help but find the episode stories heartwarming and cute. Urd has become one of my favorite characters due to her sexiness and badassness. At times I felt sorry for Keiichi for trying his best to keep the Goddesses’s true identities a secret. Yet the outcomes can be pretty funny, especially when the minor characters are left scratching their heads over certain, abnormal, circumstances that occur during the series (like Keichii sprouting massive boobs thanks to Skuld).

I highly recommend this series if you like cute, mushy, magical girl, love stories with a dash of comedy.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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