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  • Rukiia's Anime DVD Review. Ah! My Goddess Season 1.

Rukiia's Anime DVD Review. Ah! My Goddess Season 1.

23 JAN

I just finished watching the entire series of Ah! My Goddess last week and thought of a fun thing to do. I will show pictures of the boxsets I own, after watching the entire thing, and share my thoughts on the series.

Here is a front and back pic of the boxset:
Boxset. Back and Front.



What it looks like inside:



And the discs (6 Volumes in total):



For those who have never seen, or even heard of this show, here is the summary for it:

"Keiichi Morisato is looking forward to university life. But in reality, he has no luck in anything, and he has trouble with clubs, love, etc. The truth is that he has an unlucky star above his head. One day, Keiichi is stuck watching the dorm while his sempai are away, and has a mountain of chores to do to boot. But Keiichi is a good-natured person, and is set about doing his duties. As he is about to finish his final chore, he makes a phone call to his sempai. But the words that came through the receiver are, 'Goddess Help Line.' Shortly afterwards, a beautiful goddess named Belldandy appears in front of him from the mirror of his room."

I liked Oh! My Goddess OVA series and the movie back in the 90ies. I also enjoyed reading the manga despite the fact that I technically was too young to read it (I was only 11 when I started reading it and it is definitely not for children XD). I was then excited when I heard of a new TV series coming out in 2005 and immediately watched the fansub version as soon as it came out. However, I was slightly disappointed with the character designs. I thought Belldandy looked gibbled and Keiichi didn't look much like Keiichi (he looked older despite being a college student). I gave up watching it after episode 1 because I couldn't get used to the new character designs.

5 years later, I decided to give it another chance. I am trying not to view things on-line when they are available for purchasing so I bought the complete series, from my anime dealer, for $10 brand new. During a ferry ride to the island, to visit my family, I sat down and watched a few episodes on my laptop. 5 episodes later, I was hooked. The designs grew on me and I couldn't help but find the series heartwarming and cute. I continued watching it for a week and when I got to episode 16 I immediately bought Season 2: Flights of Fancy. I am not watching it yet as I'm taking a break to give other incomplete series I have another chance (which currently is Angelic Layer).

I highly recommend this series if you like cute, mushy, love stories and beautiful girls who happen to be magical and from heaven.

My Ratting: A

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