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One Piece

Mar 17, 2013

This is a anime that I didn't want to review because I have a feeling that if I say something good or bad the fanboys or haters will come "argh! One Piece blah blah" but I just have to write a reviews for this anime as it is calling my name.


One Piece the story of a teenage boy wanting to become pirate king by obtaining the legendary treasure that is called One Piece. The boy starts off looking for a fine crew to set sail to the grand line to find One Piece. During his journeys he makes new allies, gets new crew members and meets new rivals that could take away his dream. The story of One Piece is something that is forever changing as each arc is revolving around different issues by each island that they land on. Unlike some other anime mainstream *cough* *fairy tail*, the main goal is not simply forgotten as it is almost every pirates dream. Things that happen in the past is things you have to remember when watching future episodes as the future episodes will explain things that have happened in the past for example the fishman arc showed why Arlong hated humans and why he was so cruel to them.

The animation of One Piece is something that is forever improving, it starts of with a old animation style but updates well except for that one arc, the white beard war arc, it drops so badly. I think that time the animators were getting lazy and just wanted to rush there work I dunno I was not there but what I do know is that it does eventually improve again.

The sound of the anime is nothing to be wowed by. The openings and endings on the other hand is addictive to listen to. On a side note I hate the fact that they removed endings and Im sure some of you that already watched the series feel the same way.

The characters of One Piece are all unique, some strong, some weak, some smart, some retarded. I loved all of Luffys crewmates and the jokes that they make most of the time make me laugh until a certain point where it gets boring.

I suggest those who are looking for a long mainstream that has enjoyable story arcs with decent characters should watch this. However if you cant take arcs that go on for a long period of time do not watch as the longest arc was about 70+ episodes and the anime does drag from time to time.

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8/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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