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Fairy Tail

Feb 21, 2013

Fairy Tail one of the animes that I personally have love and hate for. Its one of those animes that make you think there is a major plot but truthfully speaking there isn't but the story quality of each arc is quite interesting and people aren't just forgotten (at least I hope so). The main character ,Natsu , is busy looking for his father but later on the series he seems to forget about him and all the other side characters are excuses for arcs (Fighting Festival, Tower of Heaven, Edolas etc.) but later on majority of the main characters are involved (Tenroujima, Daimatou Enbu)

The animation starts off rather crappy with where everytime Natsu does a move some special effects come in (feels like I am watching Power Rangers but in anime form) but later on they finally decided to remove it and improve the animation abit but otherwise the animation is very average nothing special.

The soundtrack is not something I would download, its enjoyable and helps assist create the atmosphere like it is supposed to

The characters are kind of a bit cliche and rip off of other characters I mean Natsu gets motion sick in vehicles (One Pieces Luffy and water weakness), Lucy the useless tag along (that sometimes out of the blue is usefull), Gray who is supposed to be Natsus rival but actually everyone who is stronger than Natsu is his rival, Erza well she is kinda unique strong, badass, something like a "mother figure" but she feels like she is missing something I dunno maybe it is just me and last off all Happy the mascot the character that annoys me the most I don't even know why he is in fairy tail other than being "cute"and "funny".

The jokes start off abit funny but it gets boring and repetitive fast that it starts becoming irratiting just like Happy.

I see why this series is loved by many its simple to understand, flashy powers, cliche/rip-offs that are lovable and enjoyable story arcs

In overall I give it a 6 because I feel they forget about the characters "main goal" and it doesn't even feel like they have one in the first place

6/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Sheelaflower Apr 26, 2013

I'll admit to the fact that there doesn't seem to be a real plot behind Fairy Tail, but please take into consideration that it will most likely be a long running series like Naruto or One Piece and 'only' 175 episodes are out so far. Back when One Piece episode 175 came out, nobody would and could ever have known that all kinds of characters from all the arcs would appear again 300 to 500 episodes later. The same thing might just be the case for Fairy Tail. When it comes to the reveal of a plot, I would say one should wait for another fair amount of episodes, especially if you have read the manga (if you haven't then the only thing I can say is DO IT!!!)