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Name: RoyStealer (Roy)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Hello! It's Roy here! I'm your average teenage girl- with a twist: I am an anime/manga fanatic (as you can probably guess by the fact that I am even on this site...). And a side story on my name (seeing as Roy is very obviously a male name...). For a while I was really addicted to Fullmetal Alchemist, and even more obsessed with Roy Mustang. So, I said that I stole Roy from Riza, making me a "Roy-Stealer." And thus became RoyStealer.

One of my favorite animes is Hetalia- but not because I love seeing the countries up to their wierd shenanigans. I am also a history buff (or, at least, an aspiring history buff...).

Other Animes that have piqued my interest over time (and that I am still in love with) are: Ao no Exorcist, D.Gray-Man, Darker Than Black, Death Note, Hellsing Ultimate, Nightwalker, Ouran High School Host Club, Pandora Hearts, Soul Eater, and others I will write later (as they come to me...and as I check my anime list...).

And Mangas: Black Bird, Black Butler, Boku no Hatsukoui wo Kimi ni Sasagu, Bleach, Fruits Basket, Hana to Akuma, Hands Off!, Hellsing, Juvenile Orion, Kamisama Kiss, Loveless, Ouran High School Host Club, Prince of Tennis, and others that I will write later (same rules as anime...).

As you may have noticed, Loveless is on the list. And that is classified as Shounen-Ai. Which means, well, you know what that means. (You better, if you're on an anime site...)
And no, I am not a rabid Yaoi fan. Actually, I don't really like yaoi. I like very softcore stuff. I'm overall a romanticist, but the hardcore stuff is a bit too much for me. I like kisses, hugs, and maybe (just maybe) innuendos. But that's about as far as I will go.

I am always open to watching new animes, and even more open to reading mangas. For a while, I was homeschooled and read what seemed like every nondescript Shojo Romance Manga on the face of the planet. I know that I haven't read all of them, but I have read quite a few. There's a high chance that if you talk to me about a Shojo manga, I will either already know it, or be very willing to read it. So don't be afraid to talk to me about Shojo Romance Mangas!

For animes: I am ten times more likely to watch a Shonen Anime than a Shojo Anime. Most of the time I cannot stand to watch too much of a Romance Anime for too long. I like action more. And sometimes pairings screw up an anime for me (*cough* Clannad *cough*), so I would rather imagine my own pairings, because that is what is for!

Pairings I Love:

Ao no Exorcist: Amaimon x Shiemi, Yukio x Rin (Yeah incest, but they're Satan's spawn, so who cares? XDDD)

Black Butler: William x Grell, Sebastian x Ciel

Bleach: Ulquiorra x Orihime, Hitsugaya x Karin, Gin x Rangiku

D.Gray-Man: Kanda x Lenalee, Lavi x Lenalee, Tyki x Lenalee (but never threesomes... ewwwww...)

Death Note: Matt x Mello

Hands Off!: Tatsuki x Kotarou

Hellsing: Alucard x Integra, Pip x Seras

Hetalia: Russia x America, Germany x N. Italy, Prussia x Austria, Greece x Japan, France x Britain, Spain x S. Italy

Kingdom Hearts: Axel x Roxas, Aqua x Zack

Naruto: Kankuro x Sakura, Kakashi x Sakura, Shikamaru x Temari

Ouran: Kyoya x Haruhi, Mori x Haruhi

Soul Eater: Soul x Maka

Okay, Outside of Anime and Manga, (Yeah, i'm finally there XDDD) I read a LOT. Some of the many books I've read are: Across the Universe, Artemis Fowl, Bartimaeus Trilogy, All Cassandra Clare's Books (An Author), Eternal, The Fallen Series (1&2), The Guardians of Ga'Hoole (1-9), The Harry Potter Series, Hush Hush, The Host, I Have Lived a Thousand Years, The Inheritance Series, The Inkheart Trilogy, Interview with the Vampire (currently reading), The Iron Fey, Matched, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Seeker (and #2 so far), A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Vampire Academy Series, Vampire Hunter D (1-7), Vampire Kisses (1-5), and many others. Those listed (exceot the Cassandra Clare ones, I only own Clockwork Angel by her, The Seeker, I only own book 1, and the Guradians of Ga'Hoole, I own 1-3) are only those I own.  I have read many more, and some of my others are downstair's in my family's library. Those are just the ones in my (tiny) room.

And Movies! I love: Harry Potter (all), Howl's Moving Castle, Pirates of the Carribean (all), Princess Mononoke, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, almost any Historical Fiction, and many others. (I have to hurry, I'll add more later XDDD)

As I have said I am a major history nerd. I love me some history. I am a very big fan of English History and Indian History, though I am currently taking AP European History and love all types of history. If you're a history nerd: I love you already. Stop and say "Hi!!!!"

Well, That's about it for now, I guess! So, I'll talk more later. TTFN! Ta-ta for now!

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