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Apr 28, 2014

This show is easily one of my favourites and I am impatiently waiting for the Psycho-Pass New Edit Version and the Second Season. This show had deep character development and leaves you with intense thought. Even in the end you're left questioning who is good and who is evil. Weighing the pros and cons. A must watch for everyone.

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10/10 overall
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movingstone Apr 28, 2014

Sigh, since I already comment on it, I won't comment again.  But yeah, for people like rori something something (I forgot his name).  Do this.  Read 3 sentences of his review.  Then write 3 paragraphs stating you only read 3 sentences of his review.  And base on what you read, you think it sucks.  Not only it sucks, you think he is a dumb ass.  And then proceed to nit pick every single word he used.  :)  lol xD  You should do that lol.