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12 SEP

Today, today I find myself staring at a computer screen. With unhappiness, I'm a procrastinator. A really bad procrastinator. I know I have assignments to do, notes to start, & things to study. But, at this moment I find myself staring at a computer screen, wanting to watch anime. I'm in the middle of one & it's hard to tear myself away from the underlying plot, back to the underlying meaning in the stupid Spanish homework.

I feel like writing about all the special characters that I could identify with, that I could understand, & that I laughed my ass off at their antics. I really wish I could watch anime more. I enjoy it so much.

Today; the monotony of homework, college classes, & people's petty problems; aren't that bad. I have anime to sparkle, squiggle, squeeze, & give me that little squeeze in my heart whenever a character does something that just has me loving the story even more.

Anime, for me, is like immersing myself in a long, hot, bath & forgetting about the rest of the world. Which is okay, for a while. Reality doesn't come crashing down, it eases into my mind, & brings me back to my purpose.

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