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5 stars: Absolutely perfect
4.5  stars: This was awesome
4 stars: This was great and I'd definitely watch/read again
3.5 stars: Very  Good
3 stars: Had the potential to be a bit better
2.5 stars: A bit better then okay
2 stars: It was meh
1.5 stars-1 star: Blech
0.5 star: This should have never been made

Regarding my least favourite genres, I sometimes do like them, when the stoyr is good enough (such as the fact that Zero no Tsukaima was ecchi and harem but I enjoyed them, even though i skipped most of the ecchi parts)

I get side-tracked alot so I have lots of animes and mangas marked "stalled". Also some of the stalled are because I got tired of it but am resolved to finish it so it won't be going to the "dropped" box yet. Yet.

I also have many marked "watching" because like I said, my attention span isvery short so I end up watching tons of things at the same time.

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total anime ratings: 99

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total manga ratings: 101


Stylether avatar Stylether


Oct 4, 2013

Hey there!

A lot of Light Novels can be read on Baka-Tsuki. It's an independent LN translation organization. In other words, it's free. However, if you're actually interested into the Japanese raws, you'd probably be better off googling them since those should be more common. For the SAO LN, just press here.

You're welcome!

flaze avatar flaze


Aug 6, 2013

re: Your question regarding Shugo Chara Party

The third season happens after the manga, but before Shugo Chara Encore.

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